Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Dreamweaver// Workshop one..

Web seminar one:

1// Identify purpose of a website
2// Identify purpose target audience
3// Identify the audience needs
4// Demonstrate understanding of interface ad basic layout techniques


- To showcase work
- To get work
- Employment
- Freelance work

Target audience:

- Design studios
- Corporate clients
- Events/ exhibitions
- Independent buyers
- Collaborators
- Awards
- Like minded people

Audience needs:

- Work/ examples
- Contact details

- Look at existing graduate websites to see what they have on them
- Ask your audience what they would want to see on your website
- Ask your peers for their opinion

- At least 3 different sketches of ideas for the client
- Do not go straight to producing something digitally
- Create a site map to show what content will be needed on the web page
- Write a contract for the client
- Research into similar websites that the client would like theirs to look like

- 3-5 seconds is the average amount of time you will have to grab the attention of your audience

- Should try not to have more than 5 links on a website

- Avoid animation

- You dont need to design an amazing website, your work should be the ficus and what makes it look good

- Fonts, colour, size

- most websites you scroll vertically (web standards)


- Apple website:

- Expensive
- Structured
- Boring
- Busy

- Legwork studio:

- Engaging
- Fun
- Original
- Childlike
- Navigation doesnt work

- My own bike:

- minimal
- crisp
- boring
- Simple

- Slavery foot print

- Google
- Cheap
- Too happy
- Typeface mix
- No navigation

- No limit arcades

- tacky
- busy
- image vomit
- messy

- Evangelcathedral

- Awful
- too many different typefaces
- too many links

- Lingscars

- Ollymoss

- Intriguing
- 'is that it?'

- Tabs:

- Home
- Work
- About
- Contact
- (Twitter/ Facebook)

- Dont put all your work up, pick your best pieces

- Web standards//

- 800x600 pixels
- Vertical or horizontal navigation
- Web safe fonts (font family)
- If you want to use a custom font you must do it in Photoshop and save it as a web safe image
- Web safe colours (Photoshop, only web colours check box)
- Web safe colours look the same on any computer screen
- Sizes (6 different sizes):
- 800x600 will fit any screen

- Start to look at inspiring websites
- Technical drawings for our own websites

- You need a domain name and hosting to make your website go live
- Unlimited band width (the amount of people that look at your website a month)
- FTP (file transfer protocon)
- Try and get hosting based in the UK
- (5GB) for hosting
- (for domain names)

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