Monday, 5 November 2012

Chocolot Brief: A quick update (Monday 5th Nov)

So I thought it would be a good idea for me to just write where I am up to with this brief as I have so much going on that I am forgetting what I have done and what I need to do in regards to this brief.

After just designing some jar labels I have thought of a good way to manage my deliverables and concept. So my concept is a chocolate brand that produces many different flavours. I want to try and produce lots of cool packaging ideas. So the plan is for each flavour there will be a different method of packaging. I feel this will help me to communicate my concept as well as explore packaging design. There will obviously be a running design approach throughout so everything works together.

I am going to do the following:

Orange chocolate: Tall box will cellophane bag inside
Mint chocolate: Spikey box with cellophane bag of chocolate
Milk chocolate: Bar
Chilli chocolate: Jar

I am going to be making special labels that will come with the boxes and cellophane bags with the nutritional information in them as I dont want to have loads of writing on my packaging. The bars will have the nutrition information printed on them.

Chocolot Brief: Jar labelling design

As part of my packaging design I want to create labels for jars that will be filled with chocolate. I am wanting to keep the labelling pretty simple but fun. I would only have a simple sticker label on the jar and then wrap it in cellophane which would then have a nutrition label tied to it. This then gives me something else to design and broadens my deliverables.

The above design is very simple and I think it works well. Im not sure though if there is too much white going on, maybe I need to use the colour that reflects on the flavour a bit more creatively.

This is similar to the one above apart from I have moved the image of the orange into the inside of the circle. This doesnt work at all as the logo looks too squashed within the space.

This is an example of how the mint flavour could work although I think it looks a bit odd compared to the orange design as the mint leaf isnt round so doesnt fit together as well as the first design.

This is another idea for the mint label. I think that it sort of works, it feels a bit unbalanced though at the bottom.

So after trying it with leaves all around I can conclude it looks crap. There is just something that isnt right. I dont want too much going on which does actually seem to be the case with this one.

This one reminds me of Friar Tuck for some reason, a very bad hair do.

This is working really well, what I have done is reversed the previous design out and then made the mint leaf a bit more realistic like the ornage. This means they look more of a range by having consistent design. There is a nice balance now.

The same goes with this design, I think it works well, this is literally the same as the above design apart from I have reversed the colours out.

Here is an example of how the label could work on a jar. I am not quite sure on which sort of jar I am going to be using yet. It will work a lot better when the jar is filled with chocolate because the concept will be a lot clearer.

I think it does work a bit better on this type of jar with a flip lid because of the shape of it.

So after writing my little update for this brief I have decided the chilli chocolate will be in the jar rather than the orange. I have started to play around with label ideas. I am thinking of placing a sticker label on the lid rather than the jar itself as I feel it has a better look to it.

This is the first idea I came up with for the label for the jarred chilli chocolate. It is similar to the above designs apart from I have kept the design within the constrictions of a circle so that it would fit onto a jar lid better.

This is the same design as above apart from I have moved the chilli above the writing to see how it would look. I think that it works better below because of the curve of the chilli.

Chocolot Brief: Logo Development

After receiving feedback in the concept crit on my logo. I was told that it didnt really fit in with my concept of a fun and bubbly chocolate brand. So I decided to jazz it up a bit and go freehand rather than  use existing typefaces. So I got the brush tool and wrote chocolot. Above is what came of it and I think it works really well. Its really fluid and curvy which I reflects on the fun tone I am going for.

It also works in colour which will help when it comes to applying it to the different flavours of chocolate.