Wednesday, 12 December 2012

OUGD301 Module Self Evaluation

Chocolot Submission Design Boards OUGD301

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Greetings Cards Submission Design Boards OUGD301

Bacardi Brief Submission Boards

Bacardi brief

UK Greetings cards brief

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Chocolot brief gift bag

These are the nets for gift bags for the chocolot brief. I decided to keep them black or white so that the chocolate packaging stood out against them.

Chocolot brief small chocolate chunk box

This was the first design I did for the chocolate box, after a crit they decided that the pattern was too busy and the logo was lost.

These three designs are my final ones for this packaging. They have a cut out flavour part like the chocolate bar boxes.

Chocolot brief final logo

This is the final logo for the Chocolot brief

Chocolot brief chocolate jar nutrition labels

This is the development work for my jar labels.

After having a talk with Phil we felt it was best to have the edges rounded off to fit better with the jar labels.

Greetings cards submission photos

These are the photos I took in the photography studio in preparation for my design submission boards.