Tuesday, 14 December 2010

3 is the magic number...

3 is a magic number and thats why i have been discovering and documenting sets/ series of 3. It was amazing to see actually how many 3's there are around uni, you don't realise until your actually looking for them. 

We were each given a theme to explore, either square, circle, red or 3. I got 3, we were then told to go and find examples of our theme around the college. This brief is the beginning of the Manchester book fair, we will be making a hot dog fold book with the images to sell at the fair next year.

The photos i have taken so far have a wide variation in terms of what and how the 3 is portrayed, for example some images are of an actual, whilst others are in a set or series. I am going to re take some of these photos as i took them on my blackberry.

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