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100... research proposal...

15 people i find interesting:

- Stephen Fry
- Alan Davies
- David Attenborough
- Harry Potter
- Michael Jackson
- Tom Hanks
- Miranda
- Tracy Beaker
- Spongebob Square Pants
- Jim Carrey
- My Nan
- Mr Blobby
- Dr Who
- Bridget Jones
- Aslan

15 objects i find interesting:

- Glasses
- Buddhas
- Horses
- Tattoos
- Money
- Flowers
- Magpies and Robins
- Kinder Eggs
- Willow Trees
- Stamps
- Wrapping paper/ Wallpaper
- Old things
- Chocolate
- Jewellery
- Shoes

15 places i find interesting:

- Jamaica
- South Africa/ Africa
- Borneo
- Scotland/ Ben Nevis
- Great Barrier Reef
- Cambridge
- New York
- Bermuda Triangle
- Narnia
- The North Pole
- Barcelona
- Tibet
- The Great wall of China
- Mount Kilamanjaro
- Table Mountain

15 subject matters i find interesting:

- Conspiracy Theories
- Politics
- Space
- Super Natural
- Religion
- History
- Technology
- De Ja Vu/ Reincarnation
- Dreams
- Sociology
- Meteorology
- Languages
- Origami
- Psychology
- Forensics


The Brief

My Subject is... Glasses

I am going to collect/ record/ document...

- Photographs of glasses
- Photographs of people wearing glasses

Possible categories will include...

- Modern
- Traditional
- Usage
- Lense strength

How will you research?

Primary methods:

- Photographs
- Drawings
- Questionnaires

Primary Sources:

- Research people who i know where glasses.
- Research why they wear glasses.

Primary Material:

- Percentages of what glasses are worn for?
ie reading, clubbing, watching films, long distance, short distance etc.

- Photographs to record
- Questionnaires to collect information.

Secondary Methods:

- Research famous people who wear glasses.
- Look at Specsavers adverts.
- Look into eye test methods.

Secondary sources:

- Internet
- Books
- Leaflets

Secondary Methods:

- Internet imagery
- Information booklet contents


Famous people who wear glasses:

Johnny Depp

Justin Timberlake

Michael Jackson

Tina Fey

Alicia Keys

Harry Potter

Julia Roberts

John Lennon

The Proclaimers

The Queen

Ronnie Barker

Ronnie Corbett

Gok Wan

Stevie Wonder

Dame Edna

Andy Warhol

David Hockney

Elton John

Austin Powers

Jodie Cave


Specsavers Adverts

Most Specsavers adverts play on humour and human error, there is a mixture of adverts, of which most ages and generations can relate too.

This advert is subtley funny but in a way you kind of feel sympathy for the farmer, he looks so innocent and oblivious to what hes doing without glasses. Obviously would be promoting to an older audience and farmers, although the humour attracts a younger audience too.

Postman Pat is an all time childrens classic character, so this advert is for everyone who knows this funny, friendly postman. The mistakes he makes without his glasses would be very entertaining to children. I have a little sister who has had to wear glasses for about a year now, she doesnt always like wearing them and sometimes it takes alot of convincing to get her to wear them along with her eye patch, i think an advert like this would see the positives of wearing glasses.

This advert made me giggle, two old people mistake a roller coaster for a seat to eat their lunch, only to be whizzed around at high speeds, their lunch is thrown all over them.

This ad is much like a Lynx effect advert, he sprays himself and all of these woman come running because he smells so good, until he puts on his old school glasses which puts them all off.

More of a humouress, entertaining ad rather than serious promotion (if that makes sense), the sperm should have gone to specsavers because he swam straight past the egg.

This is one of the first Specsavers adverts i remember seeing on the TV, they translate waht she is singing into a rhyme about glasses and Specsavers.

This mans glasses are hideous and the aliens think so too. The adverts are just so clever and funny, if i had to wear glasses i think i would defiently go to Specsavers.

This is one of the newest adverts out, again they use a popular childrens character and use the same narator as the childrens TV programme, it makes it special and personal, everyone knows Mr Men.

Defiently the funniest ad, i think this is a viral advert, i found it on Youtube, its rude so im guessing they wouldnt show this on TV. So clever.

The glasses people

Laura Cole:

'I have been wearing them for two years, mainly for reading and watching the tele, i dont like wearing them, i find it annoying having to remember to put them on everytime i want to watch tv.'

Sally Maskell:

'When i was about 18 i realised i needed them for driving. I need them for distance but hate wearing them, so only wear them if i really cant see like at the cinema, football matches and driving.'

Kirsty Alderson:

'I cant remember exactly but ive worn them from a young age, i have to wear them all the time because im long sighted in one eye and short sighted in the other. I like wearing them because ive worn them for so long they've pretty much become a part of me, i also like the fact theres o many different styles to choose from.'

Natalie Robinson:

'I started wearing them when i was about 12 i think, i like wearing them because i think they can be a bit of an accessory but i did think about laser eye surgery. Im short sighted so i cant see long distances.'

Sarah Pritchard:

'I first found out when i was about 14 because a friend got some new ones, so i wanted some and then when i went to get checked turned out my eye sight is really bad. That is also why i have to wear them, think im really long sighted. And i dont mind wearing them just prefer contacts.'

Suzannah Cave:

'When i was about 16 (started wearing glasses), for long distance and i dont mind wearing them, but would like not to.'

Rob Slade:

'Contact lenses for the win!'

Serena Ford:

' I wear glasses because i'm short sighted so i cant see things far away. I started wearing them when i was 7 and yeah i do quite like wearing them, makes me look clever.'

Michael Mooney:

'Probably started wearing glasses in year 11, when i was 15/16, because i suddenly couldnt read anything on the blackboard anymore, and i never used to like wearing them, but after thinking about it i thought i might aswell get used to it and get some proper nice frames instead. So i got these Gio Goi ones, so now i cant stop wearing them.'

Jodie Cave (4 years old):

She has been wearing glasses for a year and a half because one of her eyes looks in, so she wears them to correct her eye. She didnt like wearing them at first because she has to wear a patch too. Now she's got used to it, it doesnt bother her as much. This is what she said when i asked her if she likes wearing her glasses:

'yes because they help me see.'


'I started wearing glasses in year two because im short sighted, i dont mind wearing glasses, i only wear them if im chilling in my room, i prefer to wear contact lenses if im going out. When im older and if i have enough money i want to have laser eye surgery.'

Eye tests

See the facts:

Common eye problems which can be helped by wearing glasses:

- Astigmatism

Astigmatism is an optical defect in which vision is blurred due to the inability of the optics of the eye to focus a point object into a sharp focused image on the retina.

- Diplopia

Diplopia, commonly known as double vision, is the simultaneous perception of two images of a single object. These images can be displaced horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

- Hyperopia

Hyperopia which is also known as farsightedness or longsightedness, is a defect of vision caused by an imperfection in the eye (often where the eyeball is too short or lense cannot become round enough) causing difficulty focusing on near objects, and in extreme cases causing a sufferer to be unable to focus on objects at any distance.

- Myopia

Myopia also known as shortsightedness or nearsightedness is a refractive of the eye of which collimated light produces image focus in front of the retina when accommadation is relaxed.

(The above information was founded on Wikipedia)

The Statistics

- 2 million people in the UK are visually impaired.
- Over 360,00 people are registered blind or visually impaired.
- Age related macular degeneration (40%), glaucoma (13%) and diabetic retinopathy (8%) are the most common causes of visuall impairment of those registered as visually impaired.
- 25,000 children under the age of 16 are visually impaired.
- By the age of 65, 1 in 6 will become blind or partially sighted.
- Everyday around 100 people in the UK start to lose thier sight.
- Every 5 seconds one person in the World goes blind.

(The above statistics were founded on the fight for sight website)

- 1 in 5 people aged 75 and over are living with sight loss.
- 1 in 2 people aged 90 are living with sight loss.
- Nearly 2 thirds of people living with sight loss are women.
- People from black and minority ethnic communities are at greater risk of some the leading causes of sight loss.
- As many as three quarters of people with learning disabilities are estimated to have either refractive error or to be blind or partially sighted.

(The above statistics were founded on

- There were 11.8 million NHS sight tests in England in 2009/10. This is an increase of 533 thousand (4.7 percent) increase on the previous year.

(The above statistic was founded on the NHS website)

I started to collect different styles of glasses for a visual to my research, i bought the majority of these from Ebay. Most of them are from an older generation, its interesting to see how glasses have some what evolved through the years, and how thier uses have also changed.

The frames of these glasses were glass too, which makes them look a bit odd, the lense is quite thick and they seem to have pointed edges. The shape of these are very sophisticated along with the coloured/ gold detail at the edges.

These glasses were nearly square, they're very large and i could see them as being old men's glasses. Although this style has recently been reinstated as a style for 'police' sunglasses.

These seem to have more of sophisticated and modern style to them, they're sleek and black. These had no lense in them, just glass, which made me think they may just be for a fashion accessory.

The lense of this pair are tinted with brown, they could either be glasses that are sunglasses too, or the tinted lense helps the person to see more easily.

These were definetley made for a woman, they have floral frames, and only the bottom half of lense had magnified glass in them, so im maybe assuming they were used for reading.

I found some Elton John style glasses, these were obviously used as a fashion accessory rather than for reading. Very funky, although the lenses are plastic and you cant see out of them.

John Lennon once had a pair like these, these ones are a fancy dress aid, but they were once in fashion to wear as spectacles.

Now a days people wear glasses for so many reasons, another style of glasses is raving ones, they have no lense just bars across, so you can see between them.


- Fashionable
- Sophisticated
- Geeky
- Intellectual
- Raving
- Cinema
- Sexy
- OAPs
- Variety
- Specs

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