Monday, 24 January 2011

Stop motion makings..collection 100...

The moving image workshop:

I had a moving image workshop where i learnt how to make short stop motion animations, some of the techniques that i have learnt are like gold dust!

I have recorded the process of how to prepare images for the video so i don't forget, the steps are as follows:

- The UK video standard is PAL, this means that when creating a video for showings in the UK, you must set your video with these settings:

- 25 frames per second: frame rate
- Frame size w 720 x h 576 pixels

A guide to photoshop multiple image resizing (quick and easy):

1. windows
2. actions
3. create new action
4. name action
5. click record
6. then resize image
7. file 'save as'
8. create new folder called 'resize images'
9. save image as JPEG
10. close image to complete cycle
11. click the STOP button
12. action is now recorded
13. open image full size
14. select action tool and press play
15. and hey presto 100 images resized at one click of a button!

Lovely jubbly

When making your stop motion you need to open them up into Quick time player 7, then follow these instructions:

1. Quick time player 7
2. file
3. open image sequence
4. select first image
5. open
6. frame rate (set to preferred speed)

When saving:

1. file
2. export
3. export options
4. movie to quick time movie
5. options
6. video settings
7. settings
8. standard video compression settings
9. H.264 (compression type)
10. change frame rate to 25 FPS
11. best quality!




I had a go at making my own mini stop motion relating to the collection 100 brief, of which my chosen subject is glasses as in spectacles.

This video has a frame rate of 2 frames per second, it doesn't flow too smoothly so i decided to try it at a slightly faster frame rate.

This video was set at 6 frames per second which helps the stop motion to run more smoothly, its not too slow and not too fast. When it comes to choosing the right FPS rate for your animation its just a case of trial and error, but you will get there in the end!

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