Thursday, 5 May 2011

Thursday 5th May..FUNSHOP :) ...

A group workshop to incorporate and trial:

1. collaborative working in larger 'team' and the associated organization and interaction/ controls.

2. task allocation and control, regulation and responsibility.

3. time management and planning to outcomes.

4. decision making toward deadline in relation to considered outcomes (will what you show communicate the ideas?)

5. presentation of the project and rationalization of chosen concept.

This is meant to be an enjoyable experience but the outcomes should be creative and consider ALL potential mediums you feel can be relevant to achieving the desired outcome.

The Brief:

'Lovin' Leeds'

A summer 2012 event in Leeds that will recreate the percieved  harmony and social interaction that was seen in the 60's USA (ignore political areas please) and the associated cultural experimentation and 'summer' feelings. Emulation? Futurization? Consider the experience of a summer event in Leeds and how you communicate this, and to whom?

Day one Thursday May 5th

Morning 9.30: Briefing and questions
9.45: start on research and intitial concepts (all day work)
4.00: review and questions

Day two Thursday May 12th

Presentations to have sheets/ boards that fulfill your ideas in a consise and interesting way. Choose the presenters and who does what/ when.


My group AKA Group 2:

Kirsty A
Joe Warbo
Chris Lawson
Sarah R

So we all got together and started the idea generation. We started by thinking of events that already existed so that we didnt create something that has already been done. Things like music festivals (Reading, Glastonbury, Leeds fest etc); social events such as the technology festival and the tomato festival in Spain and the powder paint festival in India. From these we thought about other things that brings people together.

We want our event to be memorable and welcoming to all, so we thought food.

Everyone likes food, whether you like your local fish and chips or a nice curry, everyone has to eat...perfect.
As Leeds is a very multicultural place, we thought of the idea of holding a MASSIVE street party with a HUGE variety of multicultural dishes from around the world for everyone to enjoy.

When we say massive street party, we literally mean it. Like having the whole stretch of the headrow and briggate filled with tables, chairs and marques! Covered in food! Not just small dishes but giant pieces of food like on epic mealtime...giant cakes as tall as me, big yorkshire puddings that you could sit in..cocktails that would fill a swimming pool! Lets feed the world because food is love.

We tried thinking of a cool, original and light hearted name for our event, here are some ideas we came up with:

- Meet feast: this one was quite clever, when you hear it you think oh meat, but no its a feast where you 'meet' new people and come together and enjoy some good food. But when we said it to people they said 'what about the veggies?' and 'isnt that a pizza?', some people also thought it had some sexual connotations!
Which is not what we were heading for.

- Culture vulture: this one was a random idea of mine, it sounds a bit grim but i liked it because it rhymed. I thought that culture represented the multicultural food and the vulture represents how everyone can pig out at our event and share food. It didnt really catch on though.

- Food is love: This name was very 'hippy' but we thought it would work better as a tag line rather than the actual event name.

- Fud (which is meant to have the two dots over the u): This is the name that we decided to go with, the U makes an oo sound. It worked really well and we felt it was original. We then came up with the tag line: Make food not war, going back to the whole hippy thing.

After finally thinking of a name for our event, we began to think of countries that were well known for their cuisine, places we came up with were:

- UK
- French
- Spanish
- Italian
- Portugese
- Mexican
- Caribbean
- African
- Russian
- Japanese
- Chinese
- Vietnamese
- Belgian
- Indian
- Australian
- Greek

We each chose two countries each to go and research, things we researched included: popular cuisine, history of the food and famous chefs in that country.

I decided to research African and Caribbean cuisine. I have been to Jamaica on holiday when i was younger and the food they eat is really interesting and tasty and i would love to go to Africa so they were both places that i was interested in anyway.

I looked at dishes that were famous in both places:


Jerk meats/ tofu, black cake, ackee and saltfish, rice and peas, green bananas, pattys, plantain tarts, curry goat, crab crusted grouper, grapefruit and milk, banana bread.

I had a go at making banana cake, which turned out perfectly, i had had it before when i went to Jamaica when i was like 13, so making for the first time myself made me appreciate it a lot more, it was really yummy!

Chefs: Brian Benjamin and Collin Brown


Flat bread, chapati, groundnut soup, plantain porridge, curry meat loaf, artichoke salad with oranges, milk tart, bobotee, coriander bread, sadza, african vegetarian stew.

Chef: Austin Leslie


The images below are research that John had put onto a disk, i selected images that i thought were eye catching and colourful. These helped inspire our ideas and understand what had happened in the summer in America, i guess its what we now call hippy style.


The images below are research i gathered myself about the two countries i was allocated within the group to research, i looked at foods from that country that were delicacies.


I really enjoyed Johns Funshop, it really opened my mind and inspired me a huge amount. I really do feel now that anything is possible if you really want to make it happen. It was very different to how we usually work with a brief as there was no boundaries, which at first i think a lot of us found difficult to get our heads around. It was also nice to have a break from all the hard work and just have fun. Johns a really cool guy and very inspiring, it was interesting to listen to his stories, it sounds as though he has been every where and done everything, which again is really inspiring! Thanks John!! :)

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