Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Image// Book Works brief..


You are required to create an edition of 5 'books' visually/ contextually based upon one of the following:

- A colour
- A typeface
- A sound
- A shape


THINK VISUALLY. Consider what the visual essence of your subject matter. What are you trying to communicate and how do you do this most effectively?

Appropriate format, scale and content for 15th International Contemporary Artist's Book Fair.

You must explore colur, type, sound and shae before selecting a subject matter.

Practical considerations//

What is a 'book'? How can you challenge this in terms of media, proicess and context.

As you will be producing an edition of five books will this effect how you will have to make decisions regarding reproduction within the time scale and cost?


15th International Contemporary Artist's Book Fair, Friday 9th and Saturdaty 10th March 2012. The Parkinson Court, University of Leeds.

The Contemporary Artist's Book Fair presents unique and multiple book works by artist and publishers from around the world.

As part of the module I organised a space for BAGD to display works and submitted a statement and images for the exhibition catalogue.

Mandatory requirements//

All images should be supported by a broad range of visual investigation in the form of design sheets and notebooks.

An edition of five books to sell at either £5 or £10


An edition of five books based upon either colour/ typeface/ sound/ shape.


For my initial ideas I was thinking that I wanted to work with a shape, colour or typeface. I wasnt sure about the sound as I didnt really see what I could of done with it. The other three options were looking at either the colour orange, the typeface Century Gothic or polka dots.

I soon ruled out polka dots as I had already based a big brief on them in a previous module. With the colour orange I was thinking.

Below are my final designs for the book fair. In the end I decided on making a pack of postcards rather than an actual boook, I guess in a way it is a book of postcards. I made eight postcard designs all together each with a different pattern on. Some had singular Ladybirds and others were laid out in patterns.

I made 4 books altogether as one messed up. I decided to sell them for £5 and managed to sell just one.

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