Wednesday, 3 November 2010

No news is good news.Message and interpretation...

Following the research i conducted for the first part of 'No news is good news', i have been given the task of creating 3 posters that 'deliver a personal identified message'.

One poster must be text only, one using image only and the last must combine the two visual tools.

The posters will be based on a statistic that i found which relates to my research. The statistic that i have chosen to visually communicate is:

'One in three Britons have a tattoo'

I found this statistic on the Daily Mail website, from a survey and article conducted in July 2010.

I chose this particular statistic because i felt that there was a lot of ways in which i could visually communicate this to an audience. I also chose it for it's directness. It's straight to the point, which is something i can show through the visual design.

I found some inspirational posters to help me with my own ideas, the main influence is the 'Keep calm' collection of posters, they are fun, direct and simple in their design. The colours that they use set the mood and their point is well communicated.

I was also drawn to this collection because of their use of imagery and type within their designs. It's an example of what i am heading for within my own designs. The layout is kept simple and is kept central. Having the layout like this draws you in and adds to the direct nature of the poster content.

My work:

With the mandatory requirements of the brief, (only two colors plus stock) i really had to think carefully about what imagery i would use for my posters as well as colors that will not only work well together, but they also need to set the tone of my posters.

Above is a selection of my developing ideas.

Although you cant really see the font on here, this poster printed out really well. The layout leads your eye across all the information and the colours used helped emphasise words of importance.

This poster is a development idea of type and image combined. I think the way in which i have used the image to replace one of the letters makes the whole poster flow better and link the image and text. I have also reversed out the colours and feel the red works alot better as a stock colour. It stands out more and links well with the colours of Britain and the Rose.

I think that the way i have visually tried to show how one in three Britains have a tattoo through the way in which i layout the type is working well, although it looks asthough the lower two 'tattoo's have been split in half rather than striker through.

This is one of my favourite designs, its so simplistic and minimalistic, it just works. The only annoying thing was that when i printed this colour stock it came out yellow, so people didnt understand the link between the colours i had picked and the actual fact being communicated.

This is the same as the above design but reversed out, but i dont think the colours work as well. It doesnt have the same effect.

Again the same as the above two apart from i have kept it red and added the Rose to see how i could make this a type and image poster.

This one was just experimenting, the imagery works but doesnt really say what im trying to say.

This is my image only poster, i think it works well as long as it's with the type posters, because it is quite hard to understand. As well some people have said that its not obvious its to do with tattoos.

I really like this poster because of its simplicity but it no good for what i need to be doing.

This is the same as a previous designs but i have striked through two of the tattoos so its clearer to understand what im trying to say.

This works really well, its simple, clear and direct. I got inspiration from the 'Keep Calm' posters.

This is the same as the above design but i have changed the imagery. But the imagery in this one doesnt really say anything about tattoos.

In this one i have taken out all the fill colour from certain segments and kept it to line only but it makes the poster look a bit empty.

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