Tuesday, 30 November 2010

What if...

The Brief:

What if... a group of Graphic Design students get together, and decide to solve a problem?

Based on your common interests, research and knowledge, you must establish a "problem" that effects some sector of the general public in Leeds.

You must develop logical, original and adventurous research lines of enquiry in order to justify the relevance of the "problem" which should inform a range of solutions.

The solution (s) must be resolved, designed and presented in the public domain and recorded appropriately.



Compelling fact based evidence should be presented to prove that the problem you are addressing is a genuine problem.

A photographic record of the solution to the problem as presented in the public domain.


From my initial research on Leeds, i condensed the information down to create our problem.

I looked at my 20 photos of Leeds and gave them a word to overall describe them. Diverse.

From this one word i picked 6 words from my 20 words about Leeds to link with the chosen word for the photos. Cultural, creative, lively, inspiring, energetic and vibrant.

I then took an opinion from my collected opinions of Leeds, that linked with the above. 'There is always something to do in the city and its all accessable, the culture is brilliant and its a pleasure to live in such a vibrant city'.

I then chose a fact. The city is diverse and multi cultural, home to more than 75 different nationalities.

And then a statistic. 717,000 residents live in the metropolitan district, the second largest of any in England.

Someone from the group then analyised our research in the same way, and from this we came up with a statement about Leeds. Leeds is multicultural.

We were then put into groups/catagories based on the subject of our statement...and the fun begins...

What if rationale:

Group members:

Chris L
Alex S
Sophie W

The problem:

How do we convince/persuade people to come/live in Leeds?

The evidence:

Research gathered, primary source material, photographs, facts, opinions, words and statistics.

We intend to...

We intend to gather market research, compose a questionnaires and interact with the public to define what it is that makes Leeds so desirable. This will involve approaching businesses and pedestrians.

The only way in which we can produce a final outcome/solution (s), is to extensively research into why people like Leeds, we will directly approach people for primary source material. Ways in which we could deliver our solution are broad, such as a website/page, mailshot, t-shirts, posters, flyers, a video. We need to try and persuade people to come to Leeds.


I created an online questionnaire to find out about what current students thought about Leeds.

The questions were:

I sent a link to the questionnaire to everyone in college, i received 97 responses in total, which gave me a more solid and accurate result than only asking 20 people.

The results above showed that business and entertainment were being considered a less important aspect of Leeds than say, shopping, nightlife and education.

From these results and previous research we found that the student population in Leeds was very high, which gave us an incentive to focus on students as our target audience. We then needed to look at the results from the questionnaire to determine what the problem was in order to resolve it.

Although business had the lowest percentage of 'votes' we didn't want to focus on this as we felt that students wouldn't really be that interested in business whilst still studying at university. So we decided to focus on entertainment.

Entertainment is quite a broad term so we split it down into groups:


The problem now:

We need to find a way to persuade and attract potential students to study in Leeds by showing them what sort of entertainment is available for them whilst they study. As of course theres no work without play!

we have made a blog with information on about the entertainment in Leeds, there is a page for each group of entertainment and these will contain:

links to websites

I started to design a logo for our blog and promotional material, we came up with several tag lines and slogans and did have a few disagreements. Here are some of our ideas and why they did/didn't work:

- Share moments, share Leeds: Five star entertainment

This tagline worked well but i think it was more appropriate for a more mature audience. It sounded a bit romantic and quite traditional, not really something catchy for our younger audience.

The logos that i created for this worked well and incorporated the Yorkshire Rose and the colours of Leeds united football club. The circle was used in some of the designs because it bought it all together and also kept it simple.

- Leeds: full of life, full of entertainment

This tag line sounded a bit cheesy and although we are focusing mainly on the entertainment side of Leeds, i think it would be good to have a tagline that was a bit broader in what it was trying to say.

- Where the hell is Leeds?

There was a bit of disagreement with this particular tag line. We were going to use it as it seemed to be more targeted for the student audience but after thinking about it and the way in which people might interpret it i didn't think it was appropriate. Because of the use of the word 'hell' people might think we could be saying it in the context of 'oh where the hell is Leeds, it must be crap'. Which is obviously not the road we're going down.

The one we chose:

'When in Rome, do as the Romans do'

We got the idea from this statement which means when you go to a foreign place 'do as the locals do', this fitted nicely with what we are trying to promote.

'When in Leeds, do as the Loiners do'

This is our version about Leeds, natives of Leeds are called Loiners. So the people of Leeds or current students know the best places to go in Leeds for entertainment. Our blog/promo material is showing the best places to go. Basically we are trying to say when you come to Leeds go to the best places where all kinds of students go, theres something for everyone.

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