Thursday, 24 March 2011

Communication is a virus...Final designs...

My final designs:

These are my final designs for the group brief, i designed four posters, each one to do with fitness and trying to get people (students) get motivated for the sake of their well being and fitness. I think that my designs work well and work as a set as well as working well with the designs that my group members had done. As a group we really became fond of the colours that we used and i do think that they work really well together. I think that my designs would appeal to our target audience of whom is our class of student peers.

I think that because they were hand drawn out and then manipulated digitally, that they have a more original feel to them, even though i used fonts from online i did hand draw them which means they wouldnt have been exactly the same.


Screen prints:

I am really pleased with my screen prints, they work really well and it was nice to try something new rather than using the mac like i usually do. It goes well with the theme of hand rendered. Not only did it look good for my work but i really enjoyed the process of screen printing.

My screen prints have been cut down to the 2:1 ratio of an A3 and i have rolled them up and tied them with blue ribbon, i will give these out during the final presentation.


Transferring onto T-shirts and tote bags:

I bought some transfer paper from a craft store along with some tote bags, and a few cheap t-shirts to print my designs on. I have never done this before so i was a little bit scared of messing up, but they came out really well, the t-shirts in my opinion look quite professional and so does the tote bag. i decided to print onto these because my subject was fitness and the t-shirts could be worn when someone goes to the gym or for a run and the bag could be their gym bag.


My groups final pieces:

Claudia's final designs


Matt's final designs


Mitch's final designs


Steph's final designs


Our presentation 

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