Thursday, 31 March 2011

Manipulate to communicate...

We were all told to bring 20p with us to our visual language class, the 20p was to buy an old magazine from the library which we would manipulate to communicate.

We each wrote down an adjective on a piece of paper which was then placed in the randomizer, we were each given a word. My word was INTELLIGENT, i had to manipulate my magazine so that it visually communicated intelligent.

At first i got stuck on what to do, i looked through the magazine and found a page that said intelligent on it, i thought i could cut through the pages until you reached the page that had  my word on it, but unfortunately i had bought a very thick magazine that would take me forever to cut through. So i thought again, i started folding pages and then thought of another idea. I used the middle pages to make a capital Q and either side i folded the pages into the centre to make them look like a capital I. So when you look at it it looks like IQ, which is related to intelligence.

After finishing we had to leave a piece of paper by our manipulated magazine and people had to write what word they thought we were trying to communicate, unfortunately no one knew what my word was, which means i pretty much failed the task. But it has made me realise that we all see things differently, so as a graphic designer you have to see things as others what see them, not just how you see and interpret things.

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