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Communication is a virus...The big idea...

So we finally have an idea that so far we're happy to proceed with :) what we aim to do is ask everyone in our group what one thing would the change about themselves or their life, that at th emoment they just dont have the motivation to do. For example i want to go running more but either think i dont have the time or i dont have the motivation. We are still sticking with the idea of getting people to give more, but instead of giving to other people, we want them to give more to themselves, something that they will benefit from.

So heres what they said:

Charlie: working
Joe: getting a job
Sadie: getting out of bed
Beth: doing CTS and exercise
Lisa: putting pen to paper, creative writing and writing up notes
Sarah P: CTS and blogging
James: tanning fags
Chris: CTS and walking more
Sam: more cardio
Chloe: get fitter and eat healthier
Marty: get a job
Kirsty F: go swimming
Frankie: go on an adventure
Liv: be more adventurous with work, save money
Mitch: ride more (BMX)
Steph: not feel the need for reasurance all the time
Kirsty H: start running
Claudia: stay in college longer to do work
Francesca: learn a new language
Eddie: grow a moustache
Yafet: eat healthier meals
Sophie: learn more about science
Liam: get back into tennis
Will: start swimming
Kirsty A: start swimming
Ben H: start acting in Leeds
Alex: walk instead of getting a taxi
Matt T:
Luke: go to the gym more
Lewis: learn a new language (Japanese)
Nial: listen more
Max: go for runs
Chris: go to the gym
Baljeet: eat veg and get into a regular sleeping pattern
Charlotte: to not eat wheat
Sarah R: stop procrastinating
Ben M:


From asking everyone in the group, we found that a lot of people needed motivation to have a better lifestyle, from eating healthier meals to doing more exercise. As a group we each picked a genre from the statements above to focus on.

Kirsty: Running and exercise (as i myself want to become more active and fitter)
Claudia: healthy eating
Mitch: getting people to be more adventurous
Steph: learn a new language

We were thinking of making packages to help people to get motivated and help themselves.
Packs for exercise could contain the following:

- An exercise plan
- A gym directory- showing location, facilities and prices
- A motivational poster- something like -RUN FORREST RUN :)

A language pack could contain:

- Simple translations for various languages- like how to say hello in Spanish
- A typographic poster based around languages to inspire you
- Stickers with translations on them so you can stick them on things to remind you

A healthy eating pack could contain:

- Recipes for healthy meals
- A motivational poster to get you to eat healthy and not eat junk food
- A cost card to show that eating healthy doesnt cost loads

An adventure pack could contain:

- Places to go and explore
- Ideas for new things to try
- A poster to promote the whole world thats out there to explore

The main thing that we need to keep focused on is the fact that our target audience are students, we need to consider how much money they have and how practical our packs are in terms of time and money for the students. We also need to keep our designs original and exciting, if they're not then they won't be interested!


The designs: take 1

This poster was based upon the film Forrest Gump, if you've seen the film (which i think most people have) then you'll understand the quote. I normally shout it out if i see someone running the the bus :)
I think the design works well, i have kept it simple and it was initially hand drawn type which i have scanned in and added colour on photoshop.

This is probably one of my favourite designs that i have done, it is to try and motivate people (students) to go to the gym, i would say that it probably focuses on male students. I designed the muscle type which i think works really well in terms of type as image. Again it was hand drawn and scanned in, i decided to use pink and grey because everyone assumes pink is a girls colour when in fact it was originally known to be a boys colour, so i was just playing on that, and the grey works well with pink.

I took this idea from the childrens tale, the tortoise and the hare, it's basically trying to say that if a slow tortoise can be bothered to make an effort and try to win a race and succeed, then you have no reason not to be able to do it (even though it is a fictional story, i think it makes it a bit more humerous and quirky). Within this brief i have started drawing a lot more which is working well for me, especially with type. The only problem with this is that the tortoise's 'speed' lines makes it look more like he's passing wind.

This designs pretty simple, again hand drawn with a slightly demented rabbit running.

I really like the idea behind this design but i feel that the hand drawn type is slightly illegible, it says roadrunner, but 'runner' looks a bit like 'rienner'.

This is just me experimenting with my tortoise, i was thinking about sticker design. If you had the poster with the tortoise on it you would then understand the sticker content which you could stick in places that would remind you to go running. Like on your mirror, on your wardrobe etc.


The work of Steph

The designs below are the work of Steph, she has focused on getting people to learn a new language.


The work of Claudia

These are Claudia's screen prints in relation to our first idea.


The work of Mitch

Mitch looked at trying to get people to explore more and enjoy outside.


The work of Matt

Matt has looked at various quotes and ideas to experiment with type and layout.


The Crit

We had another crit with Jo and numerous points came up about our ideas so far.

- Should we be posing a question to our audience to try and get them motivated?
- Do we need to use a statement to get them motivated?
- Do we need to try and trigger guilt to motivate them or use a positive approach?
- Does there need to be additional information on our posters, such as advice on the poster content?
- We need to think about the colours we are going to use, for impact and legibility.
- We should look at self help books.
- How do we motivate people, what key technique can we use that would be effective?
- Could we put our designs onto objects such as t-shirts, tote bags and posters?
- Could we frame our posters to make them more valued than just a poster?
- How are we going to print our work, screen print, digital print etc?

With the feedback given i feel that as a group we need to discuss how we will apply the feedback to our idea in order to develop it. With the idea of focusing on the individuals needs rather than for a practical purpose, i think we need to decide what technqiue we are going to use, will we pose a question or include a statement to try and motivate the individual? It's important that we know how we are going to approach this.

With the designs that i had done, the feedback was that at the moment they were too practical and needed to have some kind of statement about running on it, like how running is good for you or why you should go running or to the gym. I think in terms of applying my designs to objects, it could work on t-shirts (because the inividual could wear it when they go running); water bottles (this is where i could design stickers to be stuck on things like this); gym bags (could use transfer paper to print onto a small gym bag).

I think it would be really nice to personalise out designs for our peers, hopefully it could actually help motivate them and give more to themselves.


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