Tuesday, 15 March 2011

What is a line?... My self written brief and action plan...

Brief Title: Skyline through line


Produce a body of work that visually investigates line drawn skylines from various places.


Look and experiment with a range of media. Look at skylines from cities and less built up areas.

Target audience

Architect enthusiasts and travellers

Tone of voice

Informative and formal


Tracing photographs with flat lines, and experimenting with textured media appropriate to content. Experiment with linking line drawings together to show the difference in scale in different cities and places and make it visually engaging.

Mandatory requirements

Blogging, notebooks, sketchbooks, design sheets and photography.


A set of line drawings exploring size, scale, formation and content of skylines.

Studio deadline

26th April 2011

Research ways of documenting skylines- look at photography.
Try out different media- paint, pen (different thicknesses), stitching, digital

Deadline: 18th March 2011


Photograph Leeds, also maybe Newcastle and Sheffield (money dependent)
I need a good breadth of photographs with different skylines

Deadline: 25th March 2011


Monday 4th April i go home to Cambridge- take photographs of a smaller city, i can also go to Ely and surrounding smaller villages for rural skylines

Deadline: 8th April 2011 (when i come back to Leeds)


On the 11th April i am going to Amsterdam for 2 nights- i can take photographs of the skyline there.
During the same week i will complete all my tracings ready to take to uni and to scan ready for digital manipulation.

Deadline: 15th April 2011


Continue to go into uni and develop ideas- make a final piece and complete work.

Deadline: 24th April 2011


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