Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Speaking from experience...

The Brief:

Produce a graphic response/ graphic product/ piece of work that makes a statement, comment, observation or gives advice about your experiences on your first year of this course.

Choose any appropriate media or format and develop and identify the content, will it be entertaining, advisory or informative.


Message, audience, content and media. The wow- factor, intrigue or humour. Language, type or image, or a combination of the two.

If you choose to work collaboratively you'll need to maintain your own ongoing documentation of the project.

In addition tot he work required by this brief , you will need to provide evidence of research, development and practical investigation through notebooks and design sheets.

Concept/ proposition:

Think about the new experiences that you had, the difficulties that you have overcome and the new people that you have met and the life skills you have aquired this year.


Remember what it was like starting your first week, how did you feel and what emotions did you experience? Excitement, trepidation, fear or did you feel overwhelmed. You might have benefited form some advice, opinions and insights from others that have experienced the same transition.

What might you say, do or give to next years graphic design students to make the transition into the student experience, particularly this course more welcoming?

Mandatory requirements: Enjoy the process of reviewing your first year!


Design development sheets, support work and notebooks.

Resolved design solutions in a format and media appropriate to your ideas.

Rationale and evaluation.

Studio deadline:

Friday 20th May 2011

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