Thursday, 14 April 2011

Photography lighting workshop...

The Brief:

Produce a set of ten photographic prints that explore your given colour: BLUE
You must consider/ document lighting, frame/ format and its relationship with other colours.

You should use your research and experience that you have gained during the colour theory sessions as the basis for your investigation.

The Process:

During the workshop you will be introduced to a range of tools and procedures available to you in photography. This will include a studio and camera induction, compositing- frame and format, studio lighting methods and recording colour. Having been introduced to these tools you should use your own private study time and studio development to further your skills in response to the brief.


When working photographically consider the relationship between the primary and secondary colours, simple variations/ combinations of colours and the foreground/ background. Which colours together "pop" and which cancel each other out and how can you control this?


A set/ series of ten photographs that explore studio lighting, frame/ format and documenting the relationship of colour.

A quantity of visual investigation/ research.


My given colour was blue, but rather than using blue objects i used it's opposite orange and looked how i could force a blue shadow and how i could experiment with this. The lucozade bottle worked well with the blue shadow, i used coloured light gels to help create the coloured shadow, on this one i used a blue gel, which produced a blue and orange shadow.

Again, i used a blue gel to create a combined colour shadow.

With this photo i didnt use a coloured gel, but because of the orange bottle, a blue tinged shadow appeared. The brightness of the white light tones down the orange and makes the far side of the bootle also become slightly blue.

The above two images havent been photoshopped. I used two coloured gels, purple and blue onto orange objects, which made created patches of reds and pinks on them. The shadow is a bluey purple with a slight orange outline. The blue and orange fight against each other, making you think you can see one colour when really its not there.

The shadow of this orange object is blue, but as you can see there is a darker orange out line around the shadow, again where the two colours are fighting against one another to be seen.


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