Tuesday, 13 December 2011

//After Effects Workshop..

These are some practising experiments of using AE in a workshop. We were given the imagery to work with which was from either Photoshop or Illustrator. We then placed them onto a time line and changed time and movement elements in the effects palette. The aim was to try and make the word do what it said.

This short motion was about making the box move along vector lines and bezier curves. Using AE to create short motions like this is actually fairly easy. Once you get the hang of it its simple to move the object around the space.

This motion was about bringing in a shape from Illustrator and using it as a guide for movement for the shape. When you then play the motion it moves around the shape but the shape isnt visible. This means you can make any shape in Illustrator and you can make the object move around it.

This was about revealing the word reveal, you make a white box over the text and on the timeline you set it so that as the time moves along the box gets smaller therefore revealing the word.

This motion was really fun to make, you bought in a word from Illustrator and make it so that you can manipulate the paths. As you add key frames within the sequence you can alter the vector path to distort your text. In this case I made it look as though it was melting.

This was probably the most exciting thing I have learnt yet with AE.

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