Saturday, 10 December 2011

Design for digital// Workshop 3..

This workshop followed on from the two word experiments.

The focus within this workshop was to choose a letterform from one of the two words and make 5 sequences using 5 frames. The letter form I chose was S, although I accidently used D on one sequence. The word that I tried to portray was disperse, I used the typefaces that I collected relating to disperse as part of the sequence.

This workshop was very useful in terms of learning how to place ideas into frames and show the gradual change of the letter form based on one particular word/ idea.

This is also where we have been introduced to story boarding and what it is used for and its importance. When starting this module I thought it would all be computer based but in fact it actually focuses more on getting your ideas out on paper before you take it to digital. Making the story boards does take a bit of time but they are so helpful in helping you to understand how your idea will work.

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