Friday, 9 December 2011

Design for digital// Workshop 2..

After being given the research task for the two words 'expand' and 'disperse', we had to draw out a few ideas to represent the meaning of the word using just one letter from each word.

These ideas were taken from the word disperse, I have taken the letter 'd' from disperse and tried to portray its meaning to the letter form. Some of the things I have done include separating the counter from the letter, splitting the letter into several pieces, the letter dissolving and disappearing. Some of the ideas came from the typefaces that I found relating to the word. The arrows then show how the letter form would move in relation to the effect I have used upon it.

This design sheet was for the word expand and the letterform I am looking at is 'x'. I decided to use the letter x because I feel that it was an easy letter to do, not because I wanted to take the easy option, but because I felt it gave me more scope to try more experimental effects. The most obvious designs was to experiment with the 'arms and legs' of the letter, like stretching one, stretching two, stretching two opposites, stretching the whole letter form vertically and horizontally. I tried using the typefaces that I found to help me, there is so many more variations I could draw by using different typefaces and meanings of the word itself.

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