Monday, 12 December 2011

Design for digital// Workshop 5..

As part of the silent movie brief, we have started looking at how key frames are used within a sequence in preparation to be taken to After effects. We had to choose a kinetic type video from the web and take screen shots of points in the video using equal time spacing. We also had to screen grab 25 key frames from the sequence.

We then put these onto a time line to show where they went within the sequence.

I learnt a lot from this workshop as I didnt really understand the importance of sequence making, time lines and key frames before now. I did actually do this exercise wrong as I didnt use the full video but I still learnt how to use the key frames across the time line.

I think that I mainly learnt the importance of knowing how to communicate timing when drawing out a sequence on a time line, because in industry you would need to effectively storyboard your ideas for the client before wasting time and money doing it all wrong when taking it to digital unfinished or just not ready.

The main problem that I encountered was the maths side of working out timing on the time line. Maths isnt my strongest area and I struggled to grasp the concept fo working out what had to go where. I think once I start placing my own sequences onto a time line and practise with existing videos it will get easier to understand.

In order to create an accurate time lined sequence you need to know how long the sequence is and how many key frames there are as this will allow you to create an accurate time lined sequence.

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