Monday, 17 October 2011

Design for print// Top 10 Manual..

The Brief

Produce a ‘Top Ten’ manual of things to know, consider or remember in order to produce successful Design for Print. You should use the seminars and tasks from the module as a starting point for your own individual/independent investigation of the methods, processes and formats that can be used to create innovative but practical solutions to print based design briefs and all aspects of print- based delivery.

You are required to document your research and visual material on your Design Context blog. For submission for assessment you will also be required to select, summarise and evaluate appropriate source material as a multi-page pdf. document that shows your understanding of print processes, conventions and creative options from the perspective of a graphic designer. It should also demonstrates your ability to effectively organise and present a body information in a designed format. This document should be uploaded to your Design context blog via 'Issuu'. See additional briefings for further information.




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