Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Design production for print/ Digital workshop..

Pre Flight checks//

In this workshop we are going to use our new knowledge from the previous workshops to proof a piece of design before it would be sent to print. We worked in a group to try and spot as many mistakes as possible.

This is the image that we have been asked to proof.

The first thing that we noticed was that this link was in registration. Registration is the method of overlapping colours on one single image ready for print. 

There are unused spot colours in the swatch palette, which could cause confusion when it comes to separation before print.

This Illustrator image was missing.

The effective PPI on this image was too high, which showed that it had been resized whilst in Indesign. 

This image was using the RGB colour model, which means that the colours would not print out the same as it shows on screen.

The PPI on this image is set at 72 which is the resolution for screen.

The last problem we found was that there was an RGB colour swatch in the swatch palette.


File// package

This gathers all of the images, fonts, and everything else that your InDesign file needs to be printed.


Window// Output// Preflight

Doesnt give as much information as when you package.


File// Export// Adobe Pdf (print)// Press Quality

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