Saturday, 29 October 2011

Design for print// Good is: The BIG idea..

After completing my third rationale for this brief, as I wasnt sure what I was doing, I finally have the BIG idea! It helped having my tutorial and discussing ways in which I could fulfill the brief. I was going to create designs for an existing fashion event and then link my polka dot concept into that, I didnt realise I could just make up my own event. So that is what I am now going to do.

My event will be soley about educating, promoting and informing fashionistas in the younger generation about the use of polka dots in contemporary fashion and how the pattern has influenced fashion for many years and how the new generation is in control of the influence of the polka dot pattern within contemporary fashion.

This means that I can think futuristically with some of my design work and create something cutting edge and amazing!

The BIG idea:

- One off huge event
- Polka dots everywhere on everything
- Celebrating and promoting the polka dot
- Stalls selling polka dot things
- Invitation designs
- Billboard advertising
- Lookbook design
- Looking at different polka dot patterns
- Old, contemporary, futuristic
- How technology could change the polka dot
- Use the polak dot in a different fashion context
- How will dots influence future fashion trends
- Information pack
- Polka dot history in fashion
- Kits to make your own polka dot patterns
- T-shirts with stencil and paint
- Big and small dots
- How they look on different people
- Catwalk
- Polka dotted laminate flooring
- Packaging design
- Shopping/ gift bags
- Branding and identity
- Logo
- Business cards
- Mail shots
- Posters
- Flyers

The list above is my initial thoughts regarding my new BIG idea. I have given myself a lot of work to do but because I now know what I am going to be doing and focusing on, I should find it easier to research relevant things to help me with my design ideas and final solution.

I have written a list of things I need/ should research to help me. Some of it is print related and other things relate to how you would run a big event and how it would all work:

- What makes a BIG event BIG?
- How do they promote big events?
- Print methods I would need to consider/ research
- Catwalk with laminated polka dot pattern
- How would print ^^
- Look book designs and how I can create something original
- Mailshot/ invitation designs
- Billboard designs and how they are printed etc

I want my idea to be fun and original, hence the reason I am keeping it all polka dot. People who wear polka dots are known for being quite bold and flamboyant and maybe a bit cheeky. I want this personality to shine through into my event and all my promotional material. I think that if I made the designs too serious I may attract the wrong audience or potemtially no one at all.

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