Monday, 9 January 2012

Design for Digital// Silent movie final sequences..

Below are my 5 final 5 second sequences working with the word expand.

These are my five final five second sequences for the Silent Movie Brief. I am pleased with the final outcome of this brief, I feel that I have communcated the word 'expand' well within each one and I have done so in a different way each time. I decided to use the colours orange and white for my sequences because I love the colour orange and I think it works well with a white background.

This is probably the second best out of the five. It is one of the first ones that I did and I think it communicates the word well. I decided to just expand the axis of the letter 'x' as I felt this was the most prominant letter in the word expand. I think the fact that I have expanded and then contracted the word makes the sequence a bit more interesting. I did this by using the position key frame tool in After Effects. I set up a key frame at the time I wanted the letter to expand and then drag the axis outwards to make it look as though it were stretching.

Below are my 15 screen grabs as a PDF uploaded to Issuu. The screen grabs are taken of important key frames within the sequence.

This is my favourite sequence out of the five final ones. I think its because of how well the typeface suites the word 'expand'. The typeface has a hand rendered feel to it which I think makes the way in which I have added motion, makes it more fun. I have again focused on the letter 'x' for the same reason as before, I have made it so that the four corners of the letter expand out one at a time. I did this by using the position key frame tool, it makes it look as though it is dancing. The letter then transforms into a distorted shape and the remaining letters reverse out into the white background.

My 15 screen grabs are in a PDF below as an Issuu publication.

This is my least favourite and successful sequence out of the five. I feel that it didnt really do what I wanted it to do and it could possibly cause confusion over what I am trying to communicate. I think that the typeface works well and the way in which I have approached the word 'expand'. Its just as it gets near the end of the sequence there starts to be a bit too much going on. I focused on the serifs of the letters and expanded them by using the position key frame tool. On some of them, the lines became to thick which made it look a bit messy.

Below is my Issuu publication of the 15 screen grabs of the sequence.

This is one of the last sequences that I made for this brief. I have again focused back on the letter 'x' and expanded it to the size of the frame and then contracted it back and placed it with its word. I think that it  clearly visually communicates the word 'expand'. It is a very simple sequence that shows my skills of using the scale and position key frame tools in After Effects.

Below is an Issuu publication of my 15 screen grabs for the above sequence.

This is the last silent movie sequence that I made in After Effects. It is a very simple piece of motion graphics but I think it works well. I have used the scale key frame tool to change the scale of the word using two key frames along the time line. I could have maybe spread the letters as the word got larger and expanded.

Below is the Issuu publication showing my 15 screen grabs.

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