Friday, 27 January 2012

Design for digital// Top 10 proposal: Take 2..

I have slightly changed my idea from my initial proposal. My design direction has changed as I felt I was working in a way that was too complex for my After Effects skills and didnt really suite the way in which I wanted to communicate my Top 10. I was going to have quite a formal but light hearted title sequence but I feel that its not really the best way to portray this subject to my target audience.

I want my titke sequence to be light hearted and funny but still obviously communicate my message clearly. So I have come up with the idea of using illustration rather than found imagery and photographs. I feel that it will be more engaging and help push the tone of light heartedness.

The title sequence and idents will have an illustrated character in them that shows the Top 10 in different ways. For example the character would be shown skydiving. I dont want to include type within the illustrations of the activities anymore as I feel it is making my idea too literal and in a way it takes the fun out of it. The opening of the title sequence will introduce what the programme would be about and then the character would briefly appear taking part in the Top 10 things.

The idents would then be taken from the title sequence and edited accordingly to fit within the 10 second sequence.

I am still going to use similar colours as to what I was in my first proposal as I think they are still relevant to my subject theme and the tone of voice that I will be communicating. These colours were a light blue and orange, along with the white of the character and shades of black for other small elements. There will be a visual consistency between all idents and title sequences which will then run through into the packaging design for the submission disc.

My target audience has also slightly changed from the first proposal. It was being designed for 18-40 year olds because I felt this was the age where you were most likely to go off and enjoy life in this way. But after changing my design direction I have decided it best to lower my age of the audience to 16-21 year olds. This is because of the design of my moving image pieces which will be more illustrative, I just feel it would appeal more to a slightly younger audience. Another reason that changed my mind was watching BriBrys (the young Irish guy) Youtube channel. He was a young lad and I found him inspirational as im guessing many young people do. His videos are always fun and light hearted so I wanted to use this approach for my project. When your young you have your dreams and ambitions set and your raring to get out there and fulfill them. So my set of moving image would be there to inspire and motivate those young people to just get out there and do it!

The channel that it would be shown on is BBC Three. The reason for this choice was because BBC Three often show random programmes, that are often just for fun. Including things like Dont tell the bride, Worlds craziest fools, Russell Howards Good News and Family Guy. On their website is also says:

'BBC Three: Never afraid to try new stuff... We're fearless'

This is one solid reason why this channel is perfect for my theme!

BBC Three go live at 7:00pm everyday which means that my title sequence could be played at 7:30pm. The idents would be shown throughout the day at these times: 8:00am, 1:00pm, 5:00pm and 6:30pm. The reasoning for these times are because my target audience are likely to be at school, college or uni during the day. S o I would show one in the morning before they set off to school etc, one at lunch incase they were art home for lunch. Then the two in the evening would be when they are back home from college etc and one an hour before the show would start to remind them it was on.

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