Thursday, 12 January 2012

Design for digital// Top 10.. Idea proposal..

I will be creating a 60 second motion graphic sequence which will be based upon the theme of Bucket Lists. I have a Top 10 of things on a bucket list and will be creating short clips within my sequence of each one. The illustrations will be traced from sourced imagery in Illustrator. These will be kept quite simple in terms of detail and colour. The illustrations will have a 4-5 second slot each, within this time the illustrations will move in some sort of way within the frame and will then disappear from view, this will then allow the activity to pop up (using type) before moving on to the next activity.

The opening of the title sequence will give a short overview of what the programme would be about, before going through the Top 10. I think that I will also be using the definition of Bucket List within the beginning of the title sequence just in case my audience is unaware of its meaning.

For the end of my title sequence I am going to have a James Dean quote fade in, the quote will be:

'Dream as if you will live forever, but live as though you will die today'

I think this is a very appropriate quote to use because it is inspiring and obviously relevant to my chosen subject. The aim of my title sequence is to make my audience want to watch a programme that will motivate them to try new things and live life to the full.

The colours that I have chosen to use are a sky blue and a warm orange (including their tonal values). The reasoning behind these colours is that they are both used on the Bucket List dvd cover and they are also very inspiring colours when you think of blue skies and sunrises.

I have chosen an audio for my title sequence which will be The Bucket List soundtrack No.19 A wink and a smile. The audio is jazz music and its a very upbeat and happy song.

My target audience for my title sequence and idents is 18-40 year olds, male and female. The reason I chose to target this particular age range is because 18 is when you start to decide what you are wanting to do with your life, so my programme would inspire to try new things and the upper end of my target age was chosen because they say life begins at 40, some people think they may be getting old so my programme would inspire them to get out there and again try new things and have fun.

The purpose of my title sequence/ idents and programme would to be light hearted and inspirational, it would also be a bit educational as you would learn about the Top 10 and hear stories about experiences.

The title sequence would be shown on Channel 4 at 7:30pm. This would be just after the news and before Location, Location, Location (which would link well from my sequence). I decided on Channel 4 because they often have TV programmes on that are factual and random. The idents would need to be shown in the morning around 8:00am and the evening at around 5:00pm, this is because my target audience would most certainly be working throughout the day.

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