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Design for Digital// Top 10: Visual elements..

For my new design direction for my Top 10 title sequence and 4 idents I have decided to go for a more illustrative approach. The imagery will be created on Illustrator as vector images and them placed into  After Effects to add motion. I like the fact that the imagery will be vector based an using block colours but I feel that it will look too simple and plain if the backgrounds were block colour too. So I have looked into having a texture merged with the background colour to give it more detail without being over powering. I wasnt too sure what sort of texture would best suite my designs without being too much to look at, I need something subtle but still noticable.

There are a few textures that I found on Google images that seem as though they would work well with my vector based designs. This blue texture has a grungy feel to it which I think would work well in contrast to the solid colour illustrations. It has a very scratched surface, yet it is still quite simple.

 This texture has a similar feel to the one above but it has less scratching. I do believe this is a concrete texture so it sort of has a smooth look to it. I think this could work well if a blue overlay were added and the blend mode set to multiply.

I like how this texture got slightly lighter near the centre, again it has a grungy feel to it. The only down fall is that it has a very dark line and corner on the bottom right hand side. I know I can always crop this so it is still a possibility to use in my sequences.

This texture is of marble, I quite like all of the different shapes created by the marble but I think it might be a bit too detailed for my background.

This is a crumpled paper texture, I think this could work really well with my designs but the only problem I have is that someone has already used this texture with a blue background within their sequences and I dont want to seem as if I am copying.

This is the texture that I am going to use within my sequences. It is grungy and simple and the pattern is quite light. There is nothing on there which is too harsh or prominant for my illustrations and with a blue overlay this will look perfect. Just adding the right amount of detail.

This is the colour palette that I will be using throughout my sequences. I have tried to keep them simple by selecting colours that will best represent my topic. I chose the orange and blue because they are used in the film 'The Bucket List'  movie posters and dvd covers. The blue is much like a sky blue, and as I am having a lot of frames with sky within my sequences, I find it appropriate. The orange will be used for some of the type and will also be included in the skydiving frames and the hot air balloon frames. These two colours also remind me off a clear blue sky and a sunrise, which are both very inspiring like my 'Top 10' subject matter. The different tones of black have been used for the character, mountains, bucket and elements of text.

Below are my vector images that I have used within my idents and title sequence. They were all created using Illustrator and I have kept them very simple. I think that the simplicity of the images has worked well because it doesnt over complicate the sequences and what I am trying to communicate.

With the bucket, I found an image on Google Images and then traced it in Illustrator (freehand). I then added the colours myself accordingly.

This is my character who I created to show taking part in the activities from the bucket list. He is basically a blob that I created with the rounded rectangle tool in Illustrator. I think that he works well being so simple because it allows him to adapt to all situations. I created him with a smiley face that again is really simple. I think that his simplicity makes him funny, you cant help but smile when you see him especially when he's in particular situations. I think that his mouth either looks like he's smiling or he's sticking his tongue out, either way it works.

This is the same character as above, but with this I had to give him a temporary 'extension' so that he could 'kick the bucket'. In my crit feedback it was sugested that I give him a real foot, but a tutor said that I would make it difficult for myself if I tried to start animating my character. I decided on just using this method as I felt that it fitted better with the design and detail of the character. I think that a proper foot would have been too much detail compared to the rest of the character and other imagery that I am using.

This fish is for the scuba diving ident and frames within the title sequence. Again I found a tropical fish on Google Images (which is a clown fish) and then traced over it myself and added the colours. There were a few details that I didnt add from the original image, because much like the other imagery, I wanted it simple.

This is probably one of my favourite pieces of imagery that I have created for this brief. Its funny because the character doesnt seem fased by the fact he's parachuting. I havent changed the facial expressions throughout the sequences because I feel that its more light hearted if he just stays happy. In a way I guess it is communicating that all of these activites are good fun if the character has a permanent happy face. I created the parachute from tracing a Google Image and then added the straps to the character. I know that this image is supposed to represent skydiving but he is clearly parachuting. It was more interesting and slightly easier for me to illustrate the second half of a skydive when you are parachuting down. I think that this is one of my favourite images because I can relate to it more as I have actually done a skydive.

This is a speech bubble that I created in Illustrator using the curved rectangle tool and then adding anchor points so that I could drag a corner out. The speech bubble was used at the beginning of my title sequence and the end of a few idents.

This is the character for the scuba diving frames. All I have done is copied the original character and then added scuba diving elements to him. I was going to add flippers too but I felt that it would get too complicated when I tried to make the character and his flippers move in the sequence.

The hot air balloon was also created in Illustrator, I found an image on Google Images and then traced the actual balloon shape. I then added the basket with a curved rectangle shape and added the ropes to attach the two shapes together. I added an Artist effect to the balloon to make it look more realistic, it is a plastic wrap which gives the balloon a 3D look and a slight shine.

This is the bungee jumping character, again I have copied the original character and then tuned him upside down and added safety harnesses and a cord to make it look as though he is bungee jumping. I realised once I had done it that I have made the cord look like rope, and you obviously wouldnt bungee jump with rope as you wouldnt bounce back.

This cloud was created with the free hand pen tool in Illustrator, this was used in the mountain frames to add a more realistic element. They floated across the frame.

These mountains were created for the mountain climbing frames. They are very simple illustrations because I didnt want to add to much detail because nothing else was like this. They are literally made from one free hand triangle I drew using the pen tool, that have been copied and the scale and width changed.

This octopus was used for one of my ident ideas. I created 3 legs then copied and reflected them. The colour of the octopus is the same as the BBC Three logo so that in the sequence I didnt have clashing pinks by using two different colours.

The tattoo parlour was created for the tattoo ident. I used simple shapes to create the shop and the door. With the window I added an Artist effect in Illustrator to make it look more realistic and I have done the same for the glass in the door. I have then added an open sign and used a typeface that reflects on what would be used in a real tattooist.

This is the back of the character, designed to show off the tattoo that the character got in the tattoo frames. I have created bum cheeks and then added a Peace symbol tattoo on his right bum cheek.

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