Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Design for print: Good is// Logo development..

As part of the Good is brief, I have designed a brand and identity for my final solution which will be used on my promotional material for my polka dot event. I have tried to keep my logo simple and clear to understand the appropriateness with polka dots.

This logo came from the task set by Fred, to design 150 logos related to our concept (mine being polka dots). The circlr represents the dot and the two shapes inside the circle are a p and a d, standing for polka dot. I think the design really works because it is simple although this logo was said to look like 69 or remind people of that figure. After having a crit my tutor said that the logo worked well even with the sexual interpretation because it keeps it a bit cheeky.

I tried experimenting with different gradients over the logo above to see how it effected its communication. I dont really think that this logo works too well as the white on the left hand side bleeds into the p which makes it less clear than the d.

This one again doesnt work too well in my opinion, I think its because the pd is black and it doesnt stand out as much as the white in the above logos.

This logo is altered from the second logo down where I have used a gradient. On this logo though I have changed the letters to black and the gradient is reflected. I think this version works better than the one similar as the letters stand out more.

With this design I tried to create a two toned effect by using reverse tones on either side with the semi circle and the letters. I dont think it works particularly well because the lighter semi circle is using too many different tones which I think over complicates things.

This design still uses a gradient but I have used a stroke around the circle to make it more complete and together, the gradient is also a lot more even in terms of a brighter or darker side, which helps the pd stand out.

I then started to experiment with colour and how this would effect the design. Again I used a gradient. I think this colour palette works really well with the logo and the white pd really stands out. But the colours have no relevane to polka dots. It is not one of the first few colours I think of when I think about polka dots.

This design just uses one colour and white, the one colour keeps it simple and helps it to really stand out, again though I dont really think of orange when I think polka dots.

I then went back to gradients and tried using reds into oranges, because red is a colour associated with polka dots. I have kept the pd white as I think it works better with the red, rather than keeping it black. It feels as though there is too much going on though.

The gradient on this design is a lot more subtle, which simplifies it.

Another example of the one above but using orange.

This one again has an even subtler gradient over it, but it makes such a difference by just having it there ever so slightly.

This design uses a purple and blue gradient, I think the colours work really well with the white, it looks really crisp and the gradient is very smooth compared to some of the above.

I then looked at changing the logo ever so slightly to see if I could perhaps make it communicate my message a bit clearer. I took away the pd on this design and replaced it with the words polka dot. This made it more obvious and clear on what I was trying to communicate. It is still very simple, I have used Century Gothic for this particular design.

This design is a lot more 'quirky', I think this is because the type looks more hand rendered and it flows very well. The type face adds character and interest. This logo could be used for a kids polka dot clothing label. I want my logo to be quite neutral, because my event is for everything polka dot, not just clothing so I need it to be suitable to represent everything polka dot, as well as appeal to my target audience and varied age range.

This one got a bit too complex I think. I tried to combine the Century Gothic logo with the original, by taking the pd and using them to replace the p and d in the words. Im not really sure if the underlining on this design is nessessary.

This design is similar to the one above but I have moved the p down (as they are both lowercase). This made the design very uneven, hence why I underlined it, which made it look even worse.

I then tried to combine both of the logos again but in a different way. I literally took their two circles and placed them next to eachother. But I think it makes it less clear as to what I am trying to communicate.

This is using the same principles as the one above, but combining the other logo.

This works slightly better than the two above. It uses the same technique but I have made it more obvious that it is two circles next to eachother.

I then tried taking away the circles as an 'enclosure' and used them as counters instead. I think this looks really good and works well. Not sure if I needed the polka dot at either end as it makes it look like it says 'opolkadoto'.

This is the same as the above, but without the two circles either end and a full stop instead. I think it makes more sense now and again it keeps it simple.

This one is still using the cirlces as counter replacers, but here I have used the two o's as polka dots and left them with white counters. Its just a simple way of making the message even clearer and simpler for my target audience to understand.

This design has just used a black counter for all the letters, it makes a huge difference to the typeface which I quite like.


It has helped me a lot by experimenting with what I could do with my logo and how it has effect on what and how my target audience would percieve it.

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