Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Design for print: Good is// Bringing my ideas to life..

As part of my promotional material for the big polka dot event I am creating, I have started to look at poster designs and where they could be placed. I was hitting the wall at this point and didnt really have a particular design approach, other than knowing I was going to be using a black and white palette. I then started to play around with ideas and this is one that I came up with that I think works really well. What I have done is placed circles next to eachother, like they would be in a polka dot pattern, I have then used the pentagon tool in Illustrator and placed one in each polka dot. This then changes the interpretation of the polka dot pattern. This is because I have used another shape inside the polka dot pattern. I just think it makes it more original and exciting, than just having circles.

This design is exactly the same as the one above apart from I have moved the text to align with the angle of the pattern.

This design looks like a mish mash of everything and is a bit complicated, but in a way it sort of works. I have used an actual polka dot pattern that fits into a larger circle, which re iterates polka dots. I have then placed the above pattern over the top and placed a white bar with the event date underneath to break it all up a bit. I also came up with a bit of a pun, which I think makes it all a bit more light hearted and fun, much like the personality of a polka dot pattern. ' Be there or be square' it plays on the fact that if you dont come to the big polka dot event, then you are clearly a square person.

This design is experimenting with the composition of the pattern and information that will need to be included about the big polka dot event. I decided to change the angle of the pattern, as I think it works better and make the page look more even. The top part is also useful to direct people to particular pieces of information, it almost create heirarchy within the design. In this design I have used the pattern to direct to the pun, this means people will read it first and then it will strike wonder on what it is about. The date of the event has then been placed underneath the pattern, and will be the next thing the audience will read. I still need to include the place of the event and a sentence saying what the event is. I have also used the logo within the pattern, so that when my audience sees this logo on its own, they will know what it means and what it is associated with.

This design includes all the relevant information needed for people to know and understand what I am trying to communicate. I have tried experimenting with the composition of the information, the pattern is directing to the date, which is also in a larger point size. This creates heirarchy and therefore it will be read first, they will then see the place which is aligned with the left side of the pattern. The last piece of information will be what my event is. I think by placing the information in this way means that I will keep my audience on their toes. They know a date, but what is it for? They see a place and date, but what is it for? It keeps then interested until they see what its all about, hopefully they will understand the pun and remember my message.

This design is pretty similar to the one above, but I have moved the date to align with the right side of the pattern. It makes the whole design feel more like one piece, but im not sure if it makes it clear on what piece of information should be read first.

This design I think is quite clever, I have used the pattern again to direct to particular pieces of information and I have also used a polka dot pattern to create another direction. The polka dot pattern points to the pun and so does the pattern, the patteen then points to the place of the event, which then leads down to the date and summary. I think its clever how I have used the shapes to create heirarchy for the information, but I feel that it just seems to complicated. I want my message to be as clear as possible but without it looking boring and its just a case of finding a good balance.

This design is like a simpler version of the one above. I have kept the large circle in the centre of the page which has the pun within it. This means that it will be read first. All the information is together at the bottom of the page and the pattern has again been utilised to direct to the information from the pun. The pattern also looks as though it is 'poking the dot' which sounds similar to 'polk-a-dot'.

Same as the above design, but I have taken away the pattern. Doesnt really work too well with my previous designs and logo, because there is no visual consistency.

This design is experimenting with the pun, I have used a square rather than a circle and then placed a polka dot pattern within it. The information sits within the polka dot pattern and the pun is underneath the square, to help eleviate its message.

With this design I have taken away the pattern again but kept the logo and made it the centre piece. The information them fits around the logo. Its very simple and easy to read. The only thing I would change, would be to make the arched piece of information at the top a bit bigger.


Another thing I started to look at is the use of billboards for promoting an event. My designs would have to have a visual consistency with the previous designs I have done. They would also need to be eye catching but fairly simplistic too.

(Image taken and developed from Google images)


 With this design I have taken the contents of one of the poster designs and placed it onto a billboard environment. I still think it works at this scale, the only thing is that there is no event information, but this could be one of a series of billboard designs that would be released in the run up to the event. If my audience began to know what the pattern, logo and pun meant, they could start to link together information seen on different things.

Again I have used elements from a poster design and placed it onto a billboard format. This design includes all the information, but I do feel that it is a bit uneven on the right hand side.

Theres a lot going on with this design, I have used a polka dot pattern to fill half the format. The rest contains the information of the event and I have also written a small event summary explaining what the event is.

I have included the pattern again with this design and used its angles to place the information about the event. It needs to be slightly more to the right, this design is probably the most effective and visually interesting.

This plays on the pun, its very simple, but I just feel that it looks a bit boring.

This design is literally just the logo. I think if I was going to release a series of billboards leading up to my event then it would be appropriate to do something this simple. It means you are getting people to think about what it is which creates interest. Each time you release another billboard you could include another piece of information, so they slowly begin to understand everything. It will also keep them interested and on their toes.

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