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Design for digital// Top 10.. Idents..

Idents// Development:

Here are my ident developmental ideas for the Top 10 brief. My Top 10 is 'Top 10 things to do before you kick the bucket'. I am creating four 10 second idents that will be shown at specific times of the day to remind my target audience of when my proposed programme would be shown. Each ident has been designed to give a snippet of what the show is about without giving too much away. The design approach is consistant throughout all the idents and the title sequence. I have tried to keep each one simple and light hearted, keeping to the tone of voice of the 60 second title sequence and the proposed programme.

I have also tried to find audio that fits well with each ident rather than using the same music as the title sequence. The music is still taken from the film The Bucket List film where I found the soundtrack album on YouTube. A lot of the music from the album is quite upbeat jazz and there are also songs that are a lot slower.

From my list of 'Top 10', skydiving is number one. In this ident I have tried using just one off of my list to keep it simple and not give too much away. I also wanted to keep the transitions simple so that it didnt become unclear or confusing on what I was trying to communicate. The character is parachuting through the frame after the type has disappeared. I decided to add in the sentence 'What will you do before you kick the bucket?' because it communicates my topic and the way in which it is asked just before the parachute is quite inspiring. It will make my audience think about what the programme may be about, and then the illustration gives them a clue. I think that the way in which the channel name, day and time appear after the parachute has moved past the centre of frame works well, its simple and an effective transition. I used an After Effects effect called 'write-on' for the type that appears first. This works well in time to the music and it has also helped me to learn how to use effects effectively within my sequence. The main thing that is consistant between all of my sequences is the background, which I think is important. I didnt want to keep changing it as this could look too confusing and the same with the illustrations, I wanted to keep things simple but still use After Effects in an effective way.

This is probably my favourite out of all my idents. Its so light hearted and fun and I think it works really well. The character has gone to get a tattoo, which is something off of my 'Top 10'. He 'walks' across the frame and shows his bum to reveal he has a 'peace' sign tattooed on his bum cheek (this idea came from the fact that one of my flat mates is considering getting this tattoo on his bum cheek, but keeps chickening out!). I would say that this ident is slightly different from the others because I have used the frame space in a different way. The tattoo parlour takes up the a lot of the frame and the character is almost restricted in where he can move. I have made it so the character looks as though he is walking away from the tattooist before turning to show his tattoo, I did this by changing the position and rotation key frames along the time line. The music again has been chosen specifically for this ident, rather than always using the same one. I think the music makes the whole sequence more light hearted and funny because of its beat and tone of voice. I have used the speech bubble as I did in the 60 second sequence, as this allowed me to place the 'Top 10' title within something and it then also looks as though the character is saying it. The channel name, time and day fades in the tattoo shops window, which again I think is a successful transition.

This is my second favourite ident. I think that its the music that makes this sequence work so well, its a very upbeat and happy song (again taken from the film 'The Bucket List'. The music along with the smiling face of the character just makes me giggle. This ident is showing the character climbing a mountain. I have used the position and rotation key frames to make him look as though he is climbing it. Once he is at the top of the mountain, a speech bubble grows and the 'Top 10' title appears, this stays for a couple of seconds then fades out while the tv channel, day and time, rotates and changes scale as it replaces the speech bubble. I think that the way in which the mountains enter the frame work well. It seems to make them feel really tall (which mountains obviously are) and just makes it a bit more realistic.

This is one of the last idents that I created that was based around scubadiving. I designed it so that my character would be swimming through the sea with some fish and then some how the tv channel, day and time would appear. I think that this ident is quite clever with its transitions. I started off by creating the imagery for the fish and the character in scubadiving kit. The fish appear first to set the scene and then the character moves in as though he is swimming, I did this by using the position and rotation key frames. I think it has worked quite well because of the way in which I have created a smooth line for the character to follow. Once the character has gone out of frame the octopus comes in from the top left hand corner and squirts ink. The ink then fades out, using the opacity key frame tool, and the tv channel, day and time appear. I have made the octopus the same colour as the BBC Three logo so that the visual elements work better and feel more consistant. The music fits really well with the sequence and it is again taken from the film The Bucket List. It is a slowish jazz piece that has a chilled out tone of voice which I think suites the under sea environment. I decided against using sound effects within certain sequences like this, even though suggested during peer crits. This is because I wanted to be able to pick a piece of audio that told the story and fitted with the emotions of taking part in this activity, and I feel I selected the music very well.

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