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OUGD203// Brief selecting..

For the self initiated brief for the second part of OUGD203, we were asked to choose 4 briefs (of which I have done and can be viewed earlier on my blog). I have begun to analyse each brief and write down why I have chosen each one, the problems I may encounter, what deliverables I could produce, practical and personal skills I could develop within the brief, the contexts of which I will need to explore and also important things to consider that may have been left out.


D&AD Brief: We want to make it impossible for anyone to ignore Peace Day

Problems I may encounter//

- Has a very wide target audience so it might be a challenge to create designs that appeal to anyone and everyone

- There is no set restriction on the final deliverables, which could make it hard for me to decide on what I feel would be the best method

- Trying to make Peace Day as popular as days like Valentines day, set days in the calendar take years to become tradition, how will I be able to make Peace Day as popular?

Deliverables I could produce//

- A promotional campaign/ advertising campaign including posters etc to engage with a ranged target audience

- Branding material for Peace Day to try and make it more recognised and give it a memorable identity

- Some kind of information guide about Peace day to educate people of its purpose and the importance of joining in

- A short moving image piece highlighting how important Peace Day is

Practical and personal skills I could develop through this brief//

- Strengthen my skills in branding and identity as this is an area of Graphic Design that I am very interested in

- Improve my researh skills, this will be very important as I will need to make sure I research in depth for this brief to be able to fully understand it and how I will communicate it

- I want to try new methods of delivery and expand on methods I already have an understanding of as this will build up my skills and help me to become more creative by thinking outside of the box

Contexts that I will need to explore//

- What is Peace Day and why isnt it as popular as days like Valentines Day (how did they make Valentines Day so popular?)

- What is a campaign? How many different ways are there to approach a campaign?

- Branding and promotion of large events


YCN Brief: Swarovski

Problems I may encounter//

- The target audience is specified but is still quite broad (20- 30 year olds) which means I could focus on students, young working adults or young families. Even though they would have an interest in the latest fashion trends I can still see this may be a problem

- Swarovski at the moment have a much older target audience and although the purpose of the brief is to make it more appealing to a younger audience I would still have to persuade a younger generation that Swarovski isnt 'old fashioned' as such

- Deliverables is quite open which can sometimes be a problem if I do not know exactly what problem I am trying to solve

Deliverables I could produce//

- A promotional campaign launching the Swarovski range to the younger generation

- Packaging for the new fashion jewellery items

- Instore POS to advertise the new range

- Website designs to launch the new range

Practical and personal skills I could develop through this brief//

- Apply branding and identity to the new range to make it memorable

- Research into Fashion which is an area I know little about

- Develop my knowledge of packaging and how the packaging of an item can effect its communication

Contexts that I will need to explore//

- Different ways of packaging jewellery, what works and what doesnt

- Research into the fashion industry and new trends

- Look into the popularity of fashion jewellery

- Look at POS for jewelers and see how this effects communication to a specific target market


ISTD Brief: It happened on this day

Problems I may encounter//

- The brief is very open, which means I may struggle to initially find a solid idea and concept to stick to. Any day ever in history gives me a lot to consider

- Deliverables is restricted to type only. Typography is not my strong point

- I must decide on who my target market will be, the event that I focus on will help me determine this but I can still see this as being a difficult hurdle to jump

- Method of delivery is very broad, it states that any media can be used, which isnt necessarily a problem but it does give me a lot more to consider

Deliverables I could produce//

- A piece of editorial design focusing on the event I choose

- A series of posters about the event to educate and communicate to my chosen taregt market

- A piece of moving image using kinetic type

Practical and personal skills I could develop through this brief//

- Develop my skills and knowledge of type

- Build up my confidence in trying something new and exploring with type

- Thinking outside of the box, I am used to using image to communicate

- My ability to make informed decisions about what I will be focusing on

- My ability to be specific when defining my concept

Contexts I will need to explore//

- Type based editorial design

- Kinetic type

- Ways of making memorable day memorable


SELF CHOSEN Brief: Puffin and Penguin

Problems I may encounter//

- It is a very open brief, which book cover would I illustrate and how many?

- There is a restriction on deliverables being that I can only produce a book cover

- I wouldnt be able to push any limits as the brief restricts this

Deliverables I could produce//

- Limited edition book covers

- A series of book covers

- Could possibly design packaging for the books

- Design covers for both Puffin and Penguin books

- Online/ digital deliverables for the books

Practical and personal skills I could develop through the brief//

- Develop my illustration skills

- Develop my drawing skills

- Thinking outside of the box when it comes to pushing the concept

- Idea generation, I will need to think of ways to get the most out of this brief

Contexts I will need to explore//

- Childrens and adults book covers

- Packaging Limited edition

- Styles of illustration that arent necessarily similar to the way in which I currently work

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