Monday, 21 May 2012

OUGD203// Self- initiated brief: Posters..

As part of the student kit that I am designing for the Peace One Day campaign, I have been designing posters that will be in the kit for students to place around university to spread the word.

This design is based on the logo design that I did in a previous post. I have tried to keep the poster designs as simple as possible as I didnt want to lose my target audiences interest if there was too much information on them. I also changed the tone of blue within my designs as I felt the previous blue was too bright and solid. This blue is still bright but it is more sky blue and softer which I feel works better with the branding of Peace One Day.

 This poster has slightly more information on it because I did need one poster that told more about Peace One Day. Within the pack that I am creating there will be several posters included, meaning a few of each design.

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