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OUGD203// Self- initiated brief: Initial ideas..

After analysing the 4 live briefs that I had chosen from D&AD, YCN, ISTD and one of my choice, I have started to come up with some initial ideas ready to solidify my concept and the path that I will be taking through the second part of this module.

I know for certain that I am wanting to do something that is related to branding and identity as this is an area within graphic Design that I am very passionate about. I am also wanting to explore many other areas that I have either not tried before or I want to develop my skills in. This includes editorial, moving image, image based design and possibly hand crafting.

Here are some of the initial ideas I had for this brief:

- Branding Peace Day: This brief from D&AD was about promoting and making people aware of Peace day all over the world. I feel that if I brand the Peace Day much like that of Valentines Day and Mother's day then it will instantly become recognisable. Obviously I will have to do this in a more creative way than just advertising it in a very commercialised way as the other well known 'days' mentioned above.

Peace Day is also a known profit organisation so I dont want it to become too much about giving money, it is about stopping violence for one day a year and giving aid to those who need it most. Peace Day's aim is for everyone in the whole world, for one day only to unite and reduce the violence in the world. Targeting the whole world will be a challenge, but one that I am ready for.

I will have to do a lot of research to be able to determine what the best way is to communicate with such a large and broad target audience and also on how to make one day within the year be so memorable and unforgetable that people from all over the world will instantly know what it is and have the willingness to take part.

- Swarovski is another brief that I have been considering doing. My initial ideas for this brief were to create a launch event for the new younger generation jewellery range. I could produce the POS, advertising, packaging and catalogue for the new range to be within the stores and distributed using other methods of delivery including the launch party.

To expand on this concept I could create a monthly launch event for new items of jewellery to the range therefore broadening the possibilites and outcomes of the brief. One thing that has already put me off completing this brief is that in the first part of this module I had already seen the outcomes of others that had worked on it. I fear that seeing their work that has been produced may subconsiously effect decisions I make when approaching the brief.

- The main ideas and concepts that I have thought of mainly relate to the Peace Day brief and I do believe this is because it seems like such a challenge and it will also allow me to develop skills I already have and try new things to then I can also develop.

Product, Range and Distribution//

Here is a list of the products, ranges and distribution methods that I could and will either create or propose as part of this self- initiated brief:

1// A campaign to 'promote' Peace Day

Campaign will include things such as:

- Posters:

Posters will be kept fairly simple and communicate a clear message of what Peace Day is and what it involves, using mainly image as a means of visual communication.

- Flyers:

Flyers will have a similar concept as the above mentioned posters, I will be creating these as a deliverable as it gives me another product of which I can create a range. This also means that I will be able to explore scale and format as part of the brief and therefore developing my skills.

- Information guides:

Creating some kind of guide will give me the chance to explore with editorial design, of which is something I am not keenly interested in, it will be good practice to try and create something within this brief.

The guide could include information about the Peace Day itself and what the day will entail, along with the aims of Peace Day and the effects it has and will have on the world if it is made to be memorable.

- Booklets:

The booklet in a way would be similar to a guide, although I could focus this product on introducing Peace Day and using it as a piece of factual information that will tell the story of Peace Day and how it came about, where as the information guide will be focusing more on the future of Peace Day.

- Souvenirs:

When I say souvenirs I dont mean silly things like hats and mugs, I mean things like t-shirts which can be worn by participating individuals on the day to promote it. The t-shirt designs could be very simple and just have the logo design on them. This means I will add to my product list, therefore allowing me to explore a range and look at deliverables and how the t-shirts will be distributed and packaged.

2// A moving image:

- The moving image may be a proposal or storyboards dependant on how much time I have and taking in to account the other products that I will be producing.

- If I am going to create a moving image then I will not be creating a particularly long one, maybe up to 30 seconds long.

- The moving may be used to set and show the tone of voice to my design approach to the brief or a short piece used as promotional material. I think that at the present time I am looking to try and use image as the main focal point, along with a piece of audio as part of my design approach to this particular deliverable.

I have given myself a lot of work to do, but I do feel that it is achievable.

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