Wednesday, 2 May 2012

OUGD203// Self- initiated brief: First Draft..

Brief Title// Create a memorable name for Peace Day

The problems are:

-          Not many people know what Peace Day is.

-          Peace Day want the whole world to get involved.

-          Peace Day needs to be as memorable as popular annual days such as Valentine’s Day etc

-          How will the concept aim to communicate with a large and broad target audience?

-          If it needs to memorable, how will I do this and what methods of product, range and distributions will best support and give hand to this?

I intend to (inform/ instruct/ persuade/ direct/ educate/ promote to):

Inform and promote Peace Day to a specific target audience. They will be informed about the day itself, I will then promote to the target audience and persuade and educate them to get involved.

… A group of (identify your specific audience or context):

My target audience will be very broad; I am aiming to focus on targeting people of power within different parts of the world including Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Politicians etc. I will also need to work towards communicating with the general population of the world to make them aware of Peace Day, but it will be the people of higher power that will influence the majority of my final solutions.

…. That (state your message, idea or concept):

I will be branding Peace Day which will promote itself on a global scale to help the population understand and participate in this one day, yearly event.

In order to achieve this I will produce…

(Specify at this point in time what you aim to produce, the method of delivery/ distribution/ the context in which it will be viewed):

Product, Range and Distribution//

Here is a list of the products, ranges and distribution methods that I could and will either create or propose as part of this self- initiated brief:

1// A campaign to 'promote' Peace Day

Campaign will include things such as:

- Posters:

Posters will be kept fairly simple and communicate a clear message of what Peace Day is and what it involves, using mainly image as a means of visual communication.

- Flyers:

Flyers will have a similar concept as the above mentioned posters, I will be creating these as a deliverable as it gives me another product of which I can create a range. This also means that I will be able to explore scale and format as part of the brief and therefore developing my skills.

- Information guides:

Creating some kind of guide will give me the chance to explore with editorial design, of which is something I am not keenly interested in, it will be good practice to try and create something within this brief.

The guide could include information about the Peace Day itself and what the day will entail, along with the aims of Peace Day and the effects it has and will have on the world if it is made to be memorable.

- Booklets:

The booklet in a way would be similar to a guide, although I could focus this product on introducing Peace Day and using it as a piece of factual information that will tell the story of Peace Day and how it came about, where as the information guide will be focusing more on the future of Peace Day.

- Souvenirs:

When I say souvenirs I don’t mean silly things like hats and mugs, I mean things like t-shirts which can be worn by participating individuals on the day to promote it. The t-shirt designs could be very simple and just have the logo design on them. This means I will add to my product list, therefore allowing me to explore a range and look at deliverables and how the t-shirts will be distributed and packaged.

2// A moving image:

- The moving image may be a proposal or storyboards dependant on how much time I have and taking in to account the other products that I will be producing.

- If I am going to create a moving image then I will not be creating a particularly long one, maybe up to 30 seconds long.

- The moving may be used to set and show the tone of voice to my design approach to the brief or a short piece used as promotional material. I think that at the present time I am looking to try and use image as the main focal point, along with a piece of audio as part of my design approach to this particular deliverable.

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