Monday, 21 May 2012

OUGD203// Self- initiated brief: Origami..

As part of my campaign for Peace One Day that I am designing. I was trying to think of creative ways in which I could help spread the word. An idea I had was to use origami, it is something that I have become very interested in over the past few weeks and have used the technique to make my creative CV. I looked into how to make an origami dove online and found a circular template. So I made a plain version and then worked out how I could place a design on the bird to make it unfold out into information regarding Peace One Day.

This design is very simple but works well. The information is on either side of the logo so that the logo stays as the main focus when the bird is unfolded. I have used a feather design on what will be the outside of the bird to help communicate that it is a dove.

With this design I have placed the image and the text on separate sides to try and simplify the layout so that it is easier to read, but I do feel like it is lacking something. Although it communicates what it needs to, I think that it could be done in a more creative way.

On this design I have placed the logo on the other side and added more detail so that it doesnt look so boring. The text is on the other side and has been kept in a simple layout. I have then changed the peace symbol on the outside of the dove to just a stroke because it didnt stand out from the feathers.

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