Wednesday, 2 May 2012

OUGD203// Self- initiated brief: Research List..

Here is a list of things that I will be researching throughout this self- initiated brief to help me fully understand the subject of the brief and how to communicate it as well as exploring product, range and distribution within specific design relating to my concept.

I will also need to look at socially fabricated days to help me understand what makes a particular 'day' or event memorable to a wide target audience.

Here is my research 'to do' list:

- Firstly I need to do extensive research into what Peace Day is. Including its history, aims, ethos, ambitions for the future, current target audiences and potential target audiences for the future.

- I will need to research into large event campaigns to gain an understanding of the best methods of communication to a large target audience.

- Moving image design that has been specifically made to communicate a message that persuades a target audience into investing time into a specific event or product (Although I am not primarily wanting to focus on the advertising of any products that are to be sold).

- Viral events that have caught the attention of the world (for example the recent Kony Campaign) and how they have approached methods of communication.

- Look into the history of days like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day to see how they became socially fabricated events that have become an annual event. This will help me understand what approaches I will need to take to make Peace Day a memorable day.

- Look at promotional material for large events, which could include the upcoming London Olympic Games. Exploring things like t-shirts, goodie bags and other souveniring items. I do not want to make Peace Day too commercialised, so therefore must look for ways in which I can use this deliverables but in a non or low profit way.

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