Monday, 14 May 2012

OUGD203// Self initiated brief: Logo for Peace Day..

As part of the self initiated brief I have decided to re brand Peace One Day to make it fit more with my target audience. My target audience is students aged between 18 and 24, I need my logo to be modern and communicate a clear message about Peace one Day. It needs to appeal to my target audience and make them want to join in with the event.

The first thing I though to when it came to peace was the peace symbol and doves, although these may seem like obvious ways to communicate peace, I didnt want to over complicate something unnecessarily. I started by experimenting with the peace symbol within the logo to see if I could keep it simple but still communicate Peace One Day.

This is the first logo that I created using the peace symbol. I raw the peace symbol in Illustrator and then added the text, but missing out the word peace so that the symbol would replace this. I feel this is a clear way of communicating Peace One day. I added a texture over the logo to give it a more rustic look. I dont think this works too well though as there is no particular reason for me doing it.

This logo is the same as the one above apart from I have changed the one into the number 1 to further more simplify the logo. I have then made the 1 bold italic so that it stands out from the day.

I then moved on from the previous designs and tried something a little different. I simplified the peace symbol and sat it next to the 1/day so it flowed like a sentence. I then changed the logo to a bright sky blue. The reason for the blue was because I felt it was very pure and it represents clear skies and new beginnings, which is what Peace One day is all about.

With this logo I tried using the word peace and then placing the peace symbol within the counters of the letters. This looks awful and doesnt really do itself much justice. Its far to complicated and doesnt communicate the message of Peace One Day very well at all.

I then looked at changing round the previous design. I went back to the sky blue and made the symbol smaller so that it would line up with the text. I also added the word peace to help the symbol communicate peace. I kept the symbol as just a stroke because if it was filled it was too distracting from the text. I have then put a texture over the text but im not sure if this works or not.

I then made the symbol bigger and placed the text underneath it. I feel that this works better than them being side by side as the symbol is easily recognizable when it comes to communicating peace.

This is the same as the one above apart from I have added another copy of the symbol and placed it over the top in a green colour with a texture. I think I am starting to over complicate the logo by adding elements that do not help the communication of the logo.

So I took the logo back to using one symbol and then added the date of Peace One Day which is a very important detail. I have tried to change the weight of the type for each piece of information to emphasise it.

I have tried the logo with filling the symbol with the blue and then changing the date to a darker blue to make it stand out. I dont think that this works very well as the symbol over powers the text and the date looks odd because the change in colour.

I then started to experiment with the word peace and placing the symbol in place of the letter a. I dont think that it is very clear what the word is even though the symbol is the peace sign. Again I feel its far to complicated.

I then tried adding a dove outline in place of the letter a, which I feel works a lot better because of the shape of the dove. The full name of the event also works better as it tells what it is. I have used Century Gothic as my typeface as I feel that it fits well with what I am communicating. I have added a white stroke to the words so that they appear to have a lighter weight, this makes the logo feel more elegant and fits with the symbolism of peace.

I have experimented with the peace symbol and the dove to see if I could create some designs that could be used within the logo but also on its own so that the design could become recognised and associated with Peace One Day.

This is the finished logo that I have decided to use, it will be used alone but also along with other elements within my product and range. I think it works well because its simple and it communicates all the important information. I will be taking off the texture over the peace symbol as it doesnt really fit with the rest of the logo.

The design below shows how the dove and peace symbol combined works with the other logo.

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