Friday, 19 October 2012

Chocolot Brief: Chocolot wrapping idea generation

I have begun to develop designs for nets just to see what I can do. I actually forgot how much information has to be placed on food products which meant I did find it quite difficult to even produce these. There is nutrition information, ingredients, a barcode, a best before date and a seductive description of how amazing the chocolate is. Lots of things to creatively place.

I do quite like the front of the bar's design but the back is just not working for me. Obviously I need to play around with layout more, but I dont want to design the back too creatively in fear of it not being clear. This part of the design is probably the most important within food packaging design. People need to know what exactly they are getting and be able to read the information clearly, if they have an allergy but cant read the ingredients, I could possibly kill someone!! (Unlikely but hey).

After having a tutorial and discussing ideas that I had I came up with a new, possible idea. We discussed my foil designs that I wanted to print, but then came up with the idea of making a chocolate mould, so instead of the pattern being on the foil it could be printed into the chocolate.

The above design is an example of what I am trying to explain. (Ignore the pattern on the green wrapping as this wouldnt be on there if I was to do this design).

This is an idea of what the wrapping would be like on the chocolate. It would be foil that would have the information printed onto it. The only problem I may have looking forward is that all the important info may not be clear enough. But I shall cross that bridge when I get to it. For now I am enjoying thinking of really creative ideas.

I have tried playing around with the logo and flavour. I have taken the letter c from the logo and placed it behind the flavour logo at a low opacity just to add a bit of depth to everything.

Another example of what I could do but im not sure if it is communicating that it is flavoured chocolate.

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  1. Nice designs, but just so you are aware, I have the name Chocolot registered in the US.