Friday, 5 October 2012

Wants and needs for YEAR 03

Here are the top ten things from my wants and need that I need to address throughout third year:

1// Will I get a job at the end of this?

This is obviously one of the reasons why I am here so it is very important I ask myself this question. Am I doing enough to try and make sure I get a decent job that I will enjoy.

2// My portfolio: Quality not quantity!

I want my portfolio to be very concise, I want it to include good quality pieces of work in small quantities rather than shove a load of average stuff in it to bulk it out.

3// Who am I as a designer?

This is going to be a really important part of my third year. I would like to know what I am good at, what I enjoy and what my forte is. This will help me look for jobs that I know I will get the most out of and will also help me to contact studios for visits and placements that create similar work to what I aspire to.

4// Will my work sell?

I have recently opened an Etsy store online where I am going to be selling my work. So far I have some greetings cards on there. I want to know if people want to buy my designs as in the future I would like to make a bigger thing about selling my work.

5// Do loads and loads of dissertation research!

Well so far this hasnt really happened. I had the best intentions of doing lots over summer but it just didnt happen. I really want to write a good dissertation that will get me at least a 2:1. So I know I need to work really hard and get my arse in gear.

6// Become amazing at project management!

This is a very important part of third year. As everything is now down to me to organise and do. So I need to make sure I have a schedule and keep to it to make sure I make the most of my briefs.

7// What will I do after uni?

It would be nice to know the answer to this question and I guess my future is partly in my hands. I will only get out of this what I put into it. So I guess this is more of a motivational question to keep asking myself throughout the year.

8// Be confident in myself and my work!

This is very important, I need to believe in myself and the work that I produce. I think the key is to worry about what I am doing and where I am with my work rather than comparing to other people. Obviously its important to know what others are doing but everyone is doing stuff so different I need not worry too much.

9// Acquire a strong set of design skills.

I want to try and develop skills I already have and learn new skills that I will benefit from throughout the year. This will help develop my design practice and also make my portfolio a lot better.

10// Become an Origami expert/ pro/ ninja!

I love paper crafting and Origami is a new found love. It is part of one of my briefs and I am looking forward to making lots of Origami magic. One thing that I wanted to do this year was make 1000 Origami Cranes as if I do I get to make a wish at the end of the year.

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