Friday, 5 October 2012

My chosen briefs for OUGD301

The reason I have chosen to work on this brief is because I feel I can benefit a lot from it. Regarding the want and need lists I did, I feel this brief can cover many of the skills I want and need to develop through this year which will then affect the outcome of my portfolio.

I have developed this brief from its original to make the amount of work I can produce a bit more significant. Instead of just designing a book cover I am going to promote the book through retail graphics and other outcomes such as book marks, several finalised book designs and things like posters.

It will be a fun brief to work on as I get to develop my illustration skills.

One of the main reasons I am wanting to work on this brief is the fact there is potential for company to give me some feedback on my work. My Boyfriend is currently on placement there, which means if my work is done to the highest standards he can take it in and get me some feedback!

This brief will also allow me to develop a list of skills from my wants and needs, including type and layout, design for print, book binding and illustration.

The reasoning for choosing this brief was because there is so much I can do with it. I can explore packaging, branding and identity, illustration, type and layout and design for print.

It is also something that I will thoroughly enjoy researching as its about sweets and chocolate. The reason that I made this brief up as such was because I have always found it interesting how confectionery companies market their products and how the packaging reflects on the chocolate or sweet itself.

This brief is very design lead but research will be a very important and significant part of it.

This brief will have a balance between design practice and hands on research and prototyping. Originally I was going to create an Origami exhibition but it just seemed like a pointless way to try and use Origami.

So instead I have decided to link this with the use of Origami within Graphic Design. So like how can printed design be applied to Origami to make it more interesting.

I am going to be using this to help design my creative cv and other self promotional materials.

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