Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Chocolot Brief Packaging design development


I have been experimenting with nets for my chocolate packaging. I took out a book called The packaging and design template sourcebook and tried to find nets that looked interesting and would work with my concept.

This one works well because of the size of it and the top will work well with my logos and icons.

I chose this one because I am going to have chocolate in a cellophane bag and then place it in this box. I think this is going to work well because its a different way to approach it and its quite edgy.

I am also going to make a gift bag for the chocolate to be taken away from the shop in. I am going to keep the bag quite simple as I want to mainly focus on the chocolate packaging.

This is just an example of how my work could be applied to one of the above nets. I was going to foil the black writing but found out previously that the foil sticks to all colours of ink when I thought it was just black ink.

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