Monday, 8 October 2012

Time (one thing there is never enough of)

So to get myself organised and scare myself into actually doing my work. I worked out long I reckon I need to get things done. I worked this out by deciding how long I would need to spend on each step of a design process for each brief.

The 7 steps are as follows (they dont always happen in this order);

Step One// Idea generation.
Step Two// Research and investigation.
Step Three// Concept development and clarification.
Step Four// Design development.
Step Five// Evaluation and selection.
Step Six// Production and resolution.
Step Seven// Presentation and submission.

On Thursday 4th October we were told it was 71 days or 610 hours or 36,600 minutes until submission and counting!!

So what we had to do was make a time line to show how much time for each brief we would spend on each step of the above design process.

Here is a brief overview of how much time I will be spending on each step with each brief:

Confectionery brief

- Idea generation and design development important, need to experiment with ideas
- Not loads of research needed, mainly on other confectionery brands and packaging
- Concept pretty straight forward
- Time just to evaluate before plenty of time to produce final resolutions
- Time to photograph work and present

Origami Brief

- Need plenty of time to develop ideas, play with Origami, see what I can do
- A fair bit of research to see how to make Origami, ongoing with evaluation and idea development
- Give myself enough time to produce, resolve and present outcomes
- Concept development, again pretty straight forward, just making sure I know what I am doing and why

VW Beetle Brief

- Lots of research into VW needed and a lot about the Beetle
- Idea generation and evaluation giving plenty of time to ensure I design the most appropriate outcome
- Design development, making sure I have come up with the best ideas
-Concept classification, I know why I am making the publication
- Enough time to produce and present professionally

Wind in The Willows Brief

- Plenty of time to draw illustrations, come up with ideas and have fun
- Design development to make initial ideas better ready for evaluation and selection process
- Small (ish) amount of research, looking into Puffin books
- Concept development to make sure im on track and it has a purpose
- Producing resolutions over lapping with evaluation, constantly changing
- Plenty of time to present and submit to competition

Every brief should allow time for any unplanned difficulties or issues that may arise at any time.

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