Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Chocolot Brief: Idea generation/ Packaging

As part of my Confectionery Brief Chocolot, I have begun to generate ideas for packaging designs. These arent for packaging nets as current, just visual designs. I have applied the small icons I previously made and created a repeat pattern with them, and then added the logo. The idea was to have this design printed onto paper foil to wrap around the chocolate.

I have tried the same design on a few different ranges, I do think they work pretty well although there is plenty of room for development. I think I may have to play about with the logo and its placement and appearance on these designs but the pattern seems to be a good idea.

I have just noticed that this one's logo is not centralised like the others so its a good job its not a finished idea! Stock is something I really need to consider throughout this process. The stock I choose to work with will reflect on the brand, if I am wanting to portray that my brand is quite sophisticated then I will need to pick a stock that reflects on this, for example a gloss or silk stock.

These are the above foil designs and the design for the front to match. The front has been kept quite simple, mainly using just colour to represent a flavour. The main logo is at the top and then underneath I have placed the flavour logo to help communicate what the product is offering. I liked these designs whilst doing them but now looking back at them im not sure if they actually work that well.

I have then gone on to play around with a pattern on the packaging so that it feels a bit more sophisticated but trying to keep it fairly simple. This design doesnt work. The logo doesnt stand out and the layout is just all wrong. In other words its crap.

This design works a lot better than the one above. Im still not convinced by the pattern. It looks as though it has just been stuck there for the sake of it. The arrangement of the type seems to work very well. I think this is because its centralised and there isnt a load of information crammed on.

It appears to work across a range of colours too which is always good to know.

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