Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Design for digital// Hand Rendered storyboards..

Here are my hand rendered pre-production storyboards for my idents and title sequence//

For these storyboards I have drawn out the frames and hand drawn my illustrations and imagery, these have then been coloured with water colour pencils and drawn over with pen. I have then scanned them in and uploaded them as PDF's to Issuu.

Mountain ident//

Here are the hand rendered storyboards for my mountain ident. My idea has changed slightly to the original storyboards due to tweaking and coming up with a better transition etc. I think that the storyboard clearly communicates what is happening with the ident. I have shown that the character is 'climbing' the mountain and then the text appears from behind the mountain and then showing the tv channel appearing from mid air, spinning and enlarging into position.

Skydiving ident//

This is one of the most simple storyboards I have but it clearly communicates my idea. The skydiving character parachutes down from the top left hand corner and as he falls his scale increases and he also changes rotation as he moves. As he gets 'closer' he swoops past the centre frame which the reveals the tv channel, time and day.

Scuba diving ident//

The scuba diving ident has changed slightly from the original storyboards. I have simplified it slightly as I felt that there was too much going on. Again I feel as though I have clearly communicated my idea. I think that my ideas have come across clearly because of the way in which I have drawn out my storyboards. They are very simple and the water colour pencils have helped me to give a good sense of colour within my sequences.

These are the hand rendered storyboards for my title sequences. I have used most elements from these storyboards but i have also changed and adapted parts. I have not drawn out all of the title sequence in hand drawn storyboards but I do have post production screen shots of the key frames in another post.

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