Monday, 20 February 2012

Enterprise// Business: creating a brand identity for the business..

For the business plan brief, we have come up with the name 'Upstairs Downstairs'. The reasoning for this name is because we will have a business upstairs and a business downstairs. One of the services we will offer is a branding and identity design studio, we will work with clients to help them create a brand image for their existing or new business. We decided on this service because it allows each of us to work in our own design approach which then also means we can offer more to our clients.

The other service we provide will be a retail space, the space will be split down into sections of which can be rented as a space to sell work. We will be targeting graduate design students who are wanting to get their work recognised by selling it in our shop. This works out well too because our property is 15 minutes away from Edinburgh's college of Art (university).

I have started to look at designing a brand image for our business. I wanted to create a logo and identity that was simple and could work across a variety of marketing methods, including business cards, press ads and leaflets.

Here is what I came up with//

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