Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Design for digital// Top 10: Title sequence idea generation..

Title sequence//

Below are some experimental idea generation clips for my Top 10 title sequence, along with the final outcome. I am very pleased with what I have produced and feel that I have learnt a lot through out this module.

This is the beginning of the titke sequence. What I have done is created the character and used the scale and position key frame tool in After Effects to make him appear into frame from the bottom left hand corner. I tried to make it look as though he was walking up from the corner by changing the rotaion slightly with the other two key frames. Once he gets to mid frame, still on the left hand side, I started to bring in the speech bubble which 'blew up' slowly. The text then appears in this speech bubble when it has reached the required size. I have then used an After Effects effect called type writer which makes the text appear letter by letter, like a type writer.

This shows the first half of my title sequence which took me a good few hours. It is using the same elements as the first video but then adding bits. This sequence slightly changed as I developed my ideas. I had changed the timing of some elements as they either moved too fast or too slow. 

This is my final Top 10 60 second title sequence. I am very pleased with the final outcome and I think I have learnt a lot whilst making it. At first I found it difficult to grasp After Effects because it was new to me but once you learn a few simple techniques theres no stopping you. I think the thing that works best about the sequence is the music and the transitions. The music is everything in all of my sequences, it is what makes it. The transitions were hard to solve at some points, as I couldnt just randomly go into a frame, they had to be smooth and clever. I think the ones that work best are the skydiving and mountain frame transitions because I gave myself room to merge elements together which made transitions smooth but also added a bit more humour to the sequence.

There are obviously things that I would tweak if I had more time such as the timing in some frames and the placing of some elements, but nothing is ever 'finished'. 

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