Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Chocolot brief chocolate

I semi made my chocolate for this brief so I could add ingredients and make it all fit with the concept and make it look more interesting in the packaging.

I bought a chocolate mold online so I could make 100g bars.

I bought cooking chocolate from a shop and melted it to fit the molds and then added the ingredients in big pieces so you could still see them when the chocolate set.

I used dark chocolate for the chilli as I found it suited the flavour better.

Couldnt help but lick the spoon once I had done.

For the chocolate to go in the jar I spread melted chocolate with the flavouring in over some cling film and then let it set. Once it was set I broke it in slices ready to go into the jars.

Chilli chocolate.

Mint chocolate.

Orange chocolate.

The three sets of chocolate setting.

The three chocolate bars once they have set, as you can see the flavouring is on show which means it will be seen through the windows on the bar packaging.

The chocolate will be packaged in a cellophane bag to then go into the bar packaging so it wont be covered up by a thicker cover.

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