Monday, 10 December 2012

Chocolot brief chocolate bar packaging

After experimenting with different layouts and designs for my chocolate bar packaging I have a design that I am happy with and confident it communicates what it needs to.

The bottom three designs are the final designs. I have re arranged the back of the bar with all of the nutrition info on because in a crit someone said it was far too complex and boring. So I took the layout and design back to the very basics. All of the information is at the bottom of the bar which means there is more room for more interesting things at the top.

The front of the packaging has been kept very simple, which is what the concept intended. The colour is very bright which makes the bar stand out and the fact that the white flavouring will be dye cut means that it is different to things that are already out there.

The small flavour bits on the back will also be cut out so that the chocolate can be seen from both sides. Each bar will be 100g and fit snuggly into its packaging.

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