Monday, 10 December 2012

Greetings card initial ideas

I started off by drawing out some illustrations based around the theme of animals. I chose to focus on animals as they are something I am interested in and I wanted to do something different from what is already out there. I would also say that type isnt my strong point so I am not going to sit here and try and create a card that uses amazing type. Thats not what I am about.

The illustrations have been drawn by hand which I am going to scan in and trace over in Illustrator. I have drawn them all in the same style which is minimalist and they have that hand drawn feel to them. I want them to feel very organic and natural.

The choice of animals was completely random, although they are almost all birds.

I found pictures online of the different animals then drew them from eye myself.

I like how the illustrations look as though a child has drawn them, I didnt want them to look perfect in he sense of them looking realistic as such.

The animals have quite a charm about them which will work well on a greetings card. I think my favourite has to be the tortoise just because he looks so innocent.

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