Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Bacardi brief design development

After deciding on a concept for the Bacardi brief I began to design the cocktails in Illustrator for the menu. I wanted to keep everything vectored rather than photographed for the menu as I feel it would communicate the idea clearer and also the fact that other cocktail menus I had looked at had illustrations in rather than actual photos.

To make the different cocktails I looked at images online to find out the colours and went from there. The top cocktail was the Mai Thai and this one is a Pina Colada. I have added ice cubes in each drink as they come with them. On some I have added some fruit to make them look more realistic.

The colours and cocktails are as realistic as I wanted them to be. I didnt want to over complicate them. I have decided to pick just four cocktails for this menu because these are the most popular rum cocktails. If I was to extent this brief then I would design a larger menu with more cocktails in it.

The Mojito has come out really well with the different layers of mint.

I then started to think of names for the different cocktails that had some relation to men. I wanted the drinks to sound manly as this was the whole concept behind the brief. Mai Thai man was the first one I thought of and I feel the name works really well. Im not too sure about the typeface as it feels a bit feminine to me still.

The type has been made the same colour as the actual cocktail to link them together. I dont think im going to be using Pina Colada.

Im not really sure about the layout of this name but like it says these are design developments.

I am also going to be adding little statements to the names and cocktails to say what sort of man they would suite.

For some reason this drink looks very pink but it is a lot darker than this.

I do think that the cocktails and names look better in a similar colour but this may change when it comes to putting the menu together.

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